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  1. PFWG-ACTION-1527: Investigate the proper uia mappings for aria-current (from sysbot+tracker@w3.org on 2014-11-11) (from sysbot+tracker@w3.org on 2014-11-11)

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The best mapping is SelectionItem, which has a required property of SelectionContainer. This gets to the issue Joanie was discussing on the call about knowing what the container is. In UIA, we need to know.

I'm still not clear on what the difference is between current and selected. Before I can ask for new UIA patterns, I need a much better description of why selection isn't the right thing.

Cynthia Shelly, 18 Nov 2014, 19:37:25

Note, I am not suggesting changing the control type/role of the object to selectionitem, but adding the selecitonitem pattern to the object, and the selection pattern to the container of the objects. To map this in UIA, we do need to know what the container is, as selectioncontainer is a required property for the selectionitem pattern

Cynthia Shelly, 18 Nov 2014, 23:57:27

drat, selectionitem pattern can't be used on images. It looks like there is not a good mapping to UIA for this. Now the question is whether to update both ARIA and UIA to allow selection on any role/control type, or to try to get something like aria-current added to uia.

Cynthia Shelly, 19 Nov 2014, 00:11:29

for 1.1, put it in the AriaProperties properties.

Cynthia Shelly, 20 Oct 2015, 20:00:49

[joanie]: Closing based on consensus from the 10-Nov-2015 AAPI meeting.

10 Nov 2015, 20:48:29

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