Edit ACTION-1379: TAC should cover rendered descendants from external sources: svg, iframe, etc. (Compose text and get final review form ARIA subteam)




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Might want to make this a UA "SHOULD" requirement if we don't have two implementations. I'm also not sure how explicit we can make this, because it relies on host language rules, but for example:

1. <iframe> with no in-document label could get its label from the "html > head > title" element of the iframe source.

2. <img src="foo.svg"> with no label could get its label from the "svg > title" element of the displayed image source.

3. <script src="foo"> (edge case example from the thread) would not apply because the source content is never rendered in any context.

James Craig, 5 Feb 2014, 18:51:04

Joseph is handling TAC edits now

James Craig, 31 Oct 2014, 21:09:53

Reassigning to the NameComp product.

James Craig, 31 Oct 2014, 21:36:38

Since the elements involved are either HTML or SVG, these rules belong in the html-aam and svg-aam. Suggest re-assigning to those products.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 25 Jun 2015, 14:07:00

Rich to look at SVG-AAM and then coordinate with Steve Faulkner and Joseph on name computation basic, core, and HTML.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 23 Jul 2015, 17:14:27

Closed: Duplicate of action 1380

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 30 Jan 2016, 17:59:28

sorry, this is for name computation - reopened.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 30 Jan 2016, 17:59:55

Move this to 1.2 because SVG is undetetermined as this point.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 25 Apr 2017, 19:19:56


James Nurthen, 7 May 2018, 18:05:35

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