Edit ACTION-1367: ARIA bug 2B (control values) does not mention presentational controls; propose edit.




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James Craig, 31 Oct 2014, 21:10:14

Reassigning to the NameComp product.

James Craig, 31 Oct 2014, 21:36:59

I have no idea what "presentational control" is. If "presentational" means the same thing as role="presentation" (aka, role="none"), then the concept is self-contradictory.


Joseph Scheuhammer, 2 Dec 2015, 15:31:04

This needs more information.

We think this would complicate an already complex algorithm. And, we would like to see a concrete example/use case.

Moving to ARIA 1.2 Accname AAM product.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 25 Apr 2017, 19:18:03


James Nurthen, 3 May 2018, 17:58:31

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