ACTION-107: gather main content

gather main content

Michael Cooper
Due on:
April 21, 2008
Created on:
February 29, 2008
Associated Issue:
Best Practices
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Related notes:

This gets the following action into Tracker for PFWG. It was taken during the joint meeting in Venice while XHTML2 WG was taking minutes.

ACTION: Al to address grouping main content in one region as much as possible, in best practices.
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Alfred S. Gilman, 29 Feb 2008, 21:40:24

modify section 3.4.1 bullet 1 of the BPG to reflect this best practice.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 4 Sep 2008, 19:29:55


Created action 'gather main content' assigned to Alfred S. Gilman, due 2008-04-21 bound to ISSUE-11

29 Feb 2008, 21:38:20

Owner changed to 'Michael Cooper'

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 4 Sep 2008, 19:29:55

Status changed to 'closed'

Michael Cooper, 29 Jan 2009, 22:12:18

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