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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-68 (edit)
CLOSED HTML5 review sub-committee/task force 2008-08-07 HTML 5 0
ISSUE-70 (edit)
@title show/hide control
OPEN Device Independent Access to @title 2008-08-11 HTML 5 0
ISSUE-71 (edit)
OPEN The CAPTCHA note is obsolete; we should update it 2008-08-19 CAPTCHA Note 0
ISSUE-81 (edit)
aria-dialog vs. HTML5's DIALOG element
OPEN disambiguation of aria-dialog from HTML5's DIALOG element 2008-12-03 HTML 5 0
ISSUE-85 (edit)
accesskey 2.0
OPEN Reform of shortcuts in HTML5 2008-12-17 HTML 5 0
ISSUE-333 (edit)
RAISED Support for 3rd-party user interface resources in future Web architecture 2009-06-17 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-336 (edit)
OPEN Investigate creation of CSS pseudo-classes to support ARIA, such as aria-activedescendant 2009-07-01 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-344 (edit)
tri-state checkbox
RAISED Request that HTML 5 report a tri-state checkbox 2009-07-13 HTML 5 0
ISSUE-365 (edit)
OS preferences
OPEN UAAG should address how browsers inherit OS preferences related to accessibility 2009-10-26 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-380 (edit)
Unicode characters
RAISED Need to review AT handling of higher order Unicode characters 2009-11-18 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-391 (edit)
caret browing
RAISED Address caret browsing for contenteditable areas or documents 2009-12-07 HTML 5 0
ISSUE-412 (edit)
drag and drop consinstency
OPEN Drag and drop in HTML 5 should not break ARIA 1.0 2010-04-19 HTML 5 0
ISSUE-419 (edit)
CSS3 module interdependency
RAISED tracking the inter-relationships between CSS3 modules and their mutual dependencies [2007 CSS Snapshot update] 2010-07-14 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-473 (edit) RAISED Math mapping to AAPI 2012-01-11 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-500 (edit)
high contrast css
CLOSED Create a 'high-contrast' media feature within CSS media queries 2012-04-11 CSS 0
ISSUE-589 (edit)
CSS :role() selector
CLOSED Propose CSS selector like *:role('heading') once we have Element.computedRole() in a draft 2013-06-26 CSS 0
ISSUE-625 (edit)
CLOSED Provide way for user stylesheet to override specificity rules 2013-10-16 CSS 0
ISSUE-1001 (edit) RAISED Consider if the w3c spec format needs to be updated e.g., to use h1 for sections, after some aria roles like title introduced 2016-10-20 0
ISSUE-1002 (edit) RAISED Specs that have good horizontal review sections that we might use for our own 2017-12-13 0
ISSUE-1003 (edit) RAISED Https:// 2022-05-25 0
ISSUE-1004 (edit) RAISED Https:// 2022-05-25 0
ISSUE-1005 (edit) RAISED Https:// 2022-06-01 0
ISSUE-1006 (edit) RAISED Https:// 2022-06-01 0

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