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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Create a track Ruoxi Ran 2019-04-03
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Update the gap analysis document Markku Hakkinen 2019-04-30
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Update the gap analysis document Steve Noble 2019-04-30
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Update the user scenarios document Christine Loew 2019-04-30
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Add use cases Paul Grenier 2019-04-03
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Update the issue list Irfan Ali 2019-04-03
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Add more information about ruby and microdata Paul Grenier 2019-04-03
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Create template for use case document Ruoxi Ran 2019-04-22
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Add timeline in wiki Irfan Ali 2019-11-20
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Review the gap analysis document Markku Hakkinen 2019-11-20
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Get example from talking book community Markku Hakkinen 2019-11-20
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Put an agenda for face to face meeting at csun Irfan Ali 2019-11-20
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Review the use case and gap analysis document Dee Dyer 2020-01-29
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Add pronounceabletext from in our use-case document Paul Grenier 2020-01-29
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Create a track Ruoxi Ran 2020-04-29
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Create ssml demo Irfan Ali 2020-09-02
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Create alexa demo Markku Hakkinen 2020-09-02
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Create html approach ssml demo Paul Grenier 2020-09-02
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Create a document using the template for first draft Irfan Ali 2021-01-13
ACTION-20 (edit) pending review Check the venues to spread the words about pronunciation work John Foliot 2021-01-13
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Invite shadi to our next meeting Irfan Ali 2021-01-20
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Create a wiki page for social ideas John Foliot 2021-01-20
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Create a demo with video Paul Grenier 2021-02-03
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Review document against mcooper's comments John Foliot 2021-04-21
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Review document section 5 and other html related issues Alan Reeve 2021-04-21
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Review document section head and other editorial related issues Dee Dyer 2021-04-21
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Investigate slidy Paul Grenier 2021-05-19
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Reach out to howard cramer to "hold" a spot (?) John Foliot 2021-05-19
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Update formal notifications based on our fpwd abstract and intro Janina Sajka 2021-05-19
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Followup on final review Janina Sajka 2021-06-09
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Review the i18n document Alan Reeve 2021-06-16
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Review the i18n document Alan Reeve 2021-06-16
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Create a paragraph for i18n Alan Reeve 2021-08-18
ACTION-34 (edit) open Provide difficult examples of literary text from different historical periods for better pronunciation technology Janina Sajka 2021-09-01
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Review github issues Irfan Ali 2021-09-29
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Create poll for new meeting time Irfan Ali 2022-02-02
ACTION-37 (edit) open Create example date/datetime Paul Grenier 2022-02-02
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Followup with i18n an a more appropriate spec for tts designations (re: rfc5646) Janina Sajka 2022-06-01
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Invite people to talk about accessibility for children Irfan Ali 2022-03-30
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Follow up on use case updates regarding tts specification and children's group items Irfan Ali 2022-04-13
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Update the use case document based upon the github issues. Irfan Ali 2022-04-20
ACTION-42 (edit) open Is to update the use-case document and send it for review Irfan Ali 2022-06-08
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Coordinate with roy to create a document for the best practices Janina Sajka 2022-06-29

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