From Mon Sep  5 12:08:48 1994
Article: 317 of cern.www.announce
From: (Earl Hood )
Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: mail2html 3.1.0 available
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 94 20:23:07 GMT-1:00

A quick patch has been added (and someone noticed before I could
announce it).  The ftp URL is


From Mon Sep  5 12:08:52 1994
Article: 316 of cern.www.announce
From: (Earl Hood)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: mail2html 3.1.0 available
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 94 13:45:40 GMT-1:00

Announcing the latest version of mail2html:  A Perl program to convert
e-mail into HTML.

You can find out the latest information on mail2html, and the perlWWW
package it is distributed in, at the following URL:

You can obtain mail2html directly with the following URL:

List of changes from 3.0.0:
    o  Better support for MIME content types.  mail2html will
       handle the following types:  text/plain, text/html,
       multipart/mixed, multipart/alternate.  Only text/plain and
       text/html types are processed in multipart messages.

    o  mail2html will now lock a mail archive when it is creating
       or adding to it.  This will prevent multiple mail2html
       processes from updating the same archive at the same time
       which could lead to archive corruption.

    o  Mail messages will not get clobbered if they have the
       exact same sent/received date/time.  All messages are
       guaranteed to be uniquely qualified.

    o  Switching between sorting and nosorting is now possible
       when performing archive updates.  This can be only done
       correctly with archives initially created with mail2html
       version 3.1.0 or later.

    o  The -revsort option has been replaced with the -reverse
       option.  The -reverse option acts as a listing modifier
       to -sort or -nosort.  With -sort, messages are listed in
       reverse chronological order.  With -nosrt, messages are
       listed in the reverse order they are processed.

    o  Added e-mail linking to address listed in "Reply-To"

    o  Fixed bug in parsing resource file.  Elements with
       override attributes were ignored (Ugh, what a goof on
       my part).

    o  Can handle Received: date/times without a seconds field.


From Mon Aug 29 16:31:42 1994
Article: 23107 of comp.infosystems.www
From: (Earl Hood)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: mail2html 3.0.0
Date: 19 Aug 1994 15:08:40 -0500
Organization: Engineering, Convex Computer Corporation, Richardson, Tx USA

Announcing the latest release of mail2html.  mail2html is a Perl
program to convert e-mail to HTML.  To find out more about mail2html
(and other Perl tools), check out the following URL:

mail2html is distributed as part of the perlWWW package which is
available with the following URL:

Here is a list of some of the new features of mail2html 3.0.0 from
previous versions:

    o  Supporting for adding new mail messages to an existing
       archive.  Adding allows inserting one mail message or
       entire mailboxes/folders.  All mail threading is preserved
       (and updated if needed), as is the sorting order chosen
       for the archive.

    o  Able to convert a single message to HTML.  Mail can be
       converted without having an index page getting created.

    o  Support for a resource file to customize the behavior
       of mail2html.  Things that the resource file lets one do:
	   *  Specify HTML elements to wrap around specific
	      mail header fields.
	   *  Arbitrary user defined search/replace functions
	      to apply to mail message bodies.
	   *  Ability to define timezone acronym map.
	   *  Set resources that used to be only be settable
	      from the command-line.

    o  Environment variables can be defined to set some mail2html

    o  Hyperlinks to newsgroups are created for newsgroups in
       the "Newsgroups:" mail header field.

    o  Can specify an alternate URL to use for e-mail address

I'd like to give thanks to Tessa Lau <tlau@TC.Cornell.EDU> and Timothy
Finin <> for testing out 3.0.0.  Hopefully, we
caught all the (major) bugs, but that's wishful thinking on our part.


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