From Mon Sep 12 11:08:02 1994
Article: 4390 of comp.infosystems.www.providers
From: (Chris J. Hector)
Subject: Re: Wanted: sgml2html
Date: 9 Sep 94 10:46:35 CDT

Eric J. Bach (bach@sneezy) wrote:

: Does anyone have a good (read=quick&easy) sgml2html filter?

That depends on which SGML DTD you are using. I don't know of anything that
will convert any SGML file to HTML.

On the other hand, I have had good success with using sgmls to parse
the SGML file (works with any DTD) and then piping the output into

Instant (from OSF) is a table driven tool that converts the output of sgmls 
into anything you want. (translation tables are available for the osf-book
DTD to HTML or Latex for example.)
The tables are relatively easy to create and have
many powerful features. In may respects it is like awk. You specify
a pattern match and then associate an action with that match.

An example of this would be:

Context:	SECTION
StartText:      <H2>
EndText:        </H2>

This says:
If you find <TITLE>.*</TITLE> within a <SECTION></SECTION> block
then print <H2> prior to the title text, and </H2> afterward.

The net affect will be to turn section titles into level 2 headings.

Originally the OSF had plans to market instant, but I think that
is now freely available. Does anyone at OSF care to comment?


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