From Tue Aug  2 10:59:50 1994
Article: 2525 of comp.infosystems.www.providers
From: (Roar Smith , LMD/T/AD)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: info2www version 1.2 available
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 94 17:24:42 GMT-1:00
Organization: L.M. Ericsson A/S

I hereby announce version 1.2 of info2www - CGI script for making GNU
Info Nodes available to the WWW through your HTTP/1.0 or later server.

You absolutely need Perl to run info2www, so if you don't have Perl then...

Info2www is in the Public Domain!

What does info2www do that other info->www gateways don't do?

Well since I used the "best" info2html gateway I could find "out there"
and improved upon that, I believe that info2www 1.2 is pretty good!

The version upon which info2www was built is the "infogate" script
from The Computer and Information Science Department at The Ohio State
University, which in it's turn is built upon the info2html script
by Eelco van Asperen <>.

Changes info2www 1.1 -> info2www 1.2:

 * Implemented cacheing of lookup information. See the $CACHE variable.

 * Absolute path-names handled; Only pathnames corresponding to entries
   in @INFOPATH are allowed unless $ALLOWPATH is true.

 * Implemented handling of non-exact matches for a requested Info file
   in a much better way. To see the algorithm "Use the source Luke..." .

 * Tries to handle info-nodes of the type "(calendar-info)Top" by
   looking for files with a ".info" suffix instead of "-info" .

 * Fixed layout for *note with embedded newline somewhere.

 * Fixed bug in hyperlinks spanning a newline or containg % chars.
   Alternative image strings provided for non-graphic browsers.

 * Fixed bug in searches for Info files with regexp meta-chars.
   Hyperlinks to Nodes within same file now uses the node soecified  filename.

Changes infogate -> info2www 1.1:

 * Made it a CGI script instead of a standalone daemon.
   This didn't seem to affect performance noticeably, but it made it
   easier to setup and administer.

 * Made it understand about multiple info directories - i.e. an INFOPATH

 * Made it more secure by *disallowing* paths in the requested Info Node -
   the HTTPD administrator decides which directories to look in by means of
   the INFOPATH array.

 * Included an aliasing feature - e.g. make info2www search for a node
   called (gzip) if it cannot find the node called (gunzip) .

 * Tuned up the look a bit and included (optional) icons.

 * Fixed some bugs like:

   o References (*Note) spanning over a newline are now understood.

   o The destructive < and > are changed to &lt; and &gt; in the HTML output.

   o Node targets in Menus are now not only a part of the hyperlink but also
     a part of the visible text (like in Emacs).

Documentation and distribution of info2www is now available on the internet at:


Or you can just access the L.M. Ericsson
homepage and look for Home Made (Web) Software.

For internal Ericsson sites, you can find info2www at one of these locations:

Home of info2www
info2www - at LME

Well that's it for now, I hope you'll enjoy info2www and send me any fixes or
enhancements you make; Bug reports will be read, but don't hold your breath
while waiting for a fix ;-)

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