From Fri Jan 12 15:47:15 1996
Article: 44119 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (California 3)
Subject: Revised HTML->WP51 Macro Now Available
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest)
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 96 21:08:33 MET


A revised & corrected HyperText Markup Language *to* WordPerfect 5.1
Translation Macro is now available by anonymous ftp at:



And by WWW at:

**************************** TECH UPDATES *****************************
*                                                                     *
*  12/29/95 -- The  bug as been corrected and the file renamed  *
*  (See above for availability and site locations.)     *
*                                                                     *
*  12/23/95 -- Your HTML file must have the tag  or the macro   *
*  will hang.  If the tag isn't there, or is a variant form such as   *
*  , simply use WP51 (Text In/Out - DOS) to fix     *
*  the HTML file by inserting  after the Head and before the    *
*  start of the text you want to keep.                                *
*                                                                     *

For those of us who still prefer to use a text browser (such as
Lynx) to navigate the World Wide Web, and WordPerfect 5.1 for word
processing, it is frustrating to download a file written in Hyper-
Text Markup Language, retrieve it into WordPerfect, and find that
the result is almost unintelligible.

HTML->WP51 is intended to solve that problem by simply and quickly
converting an HTML file into a standard WP51 file that is suitable
for reading, editing, spell-checking, printing, and so forth.

HTML->WP51 Version 1.0 Features ---

Selected HTML tags are processed by Version 1.0 as follows:

<body>...</body>              Removes "head" and "tail"
<p>                           Starts a new paragraph (2 HRt's)
<br>                          Forces a line break (1 HRt)
<h#>...</h#>                  Makes ALL headers (#1-6) bold
<ol>...<li>...</ol>           Numbers each list item
<ul>...<li>...</ul>           Indents and adds an asterisk
<dt>                          Starts a new paragraph (2 HRt's)
<dd>                          Starts a new paragraph (2 HRt's)
<pre>...</pre>                Displays pre-formatted text
&keyword;                     Displays the appropriate character

All other tags, as well as extraneous hard returns, tabs and spaces,
are stripped from the text.  HTML->WP51 Version 1.0 works well with most
textual HTML files; however, further refinements are needed and coming.

Also, whether the HTML->WP51 macro is useable/convertible for earlier
or later versions of WordPerfect has not been determined at this time.

Coming Soon:  HTML->WP51 Version 2.0 ---

HTWP51V2.WPM is planned for release during the 1st quarter of 1996.

Version 2.0 will features an all-new programming strategy that will make
the macro more efficient and, consequently, perceptibly faster, especially
when processing long files.

The following additional HTML tags will be processed as follows:

<listing>...</listing>        Displays pre-formatted text
<xmp>...<xmp>                 Displays pre-formatted text
<blockquote>...</blockquote>  Displays L/R indented text
<plaintext>                   Displays pre-formatted text to end
<hr>                          Draws a horizontal rule
<em>...</em>, etc.            Displays "logical styles"
<b>...</b>, etc.              Displays "physical styles"
<menu>...</menu>              Displays a menu
<dir>...</dir>                Displays a directory list
<address>...</address>        Displays an address

Also the user may select any or all of the following options:

<title>...</title>            Displays document title
<base href="URL">             Displays "base URL"
<h#>...<h#>                   Displays header levels [H#]
<link rev= ... >              Displays "links"
<a xxxx="yyyy">...</a>        Displays hyperlinks & anchors
<img src= ... >               Shows the location of an embedded
                              image and/or displays alternate text

Although not "officially" recognized in HTML, Version 2.0 will let
the user optionally retain tabs and spaces following a Hard Return,
to preserve the author's original format.

And finally, Version 2.0 will include "error compensation" to correct
some of the most common mistakes made by HTML authors.

************************** IMPORTANT NOTE ****************************

HTML->WP51 Version 2.0 will NOT be posted until Version 3.0 is nearing 
completion.  The only way to get Version 2.0 as soon as it is released
is to get and register Version 1.0 today.


For Further Information Contact ---

          E. Daniel Bors Jr.
          25 Morning Glory
          Irvine, California 92715  USA