gf is a sophisticated general SGML formatter and converter that can translate any SGML document (as long as you have the DTD) into ASCII or LaTeX (which can be compiled to PostScript if you have LaTeX). It can be found at Darmstadt (thanks to Joachim Schrod). Needs sgmls (available from

From Wed Oct  5 09:19:23 1994
Article: 669 of comp.infosystems.announce
From: (Gary Houston)
Subject: gf-0.44 available (HTML conversion tool)
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 94 00:45:22 MET
Organization: Actrix Information Exchange

A new version of gf (alpha version 0.44) is now available at:
with thanks as usual to Joachim Schrod for providing the ftp site.
The main change since the last version (seems like it was only a
couple of weeks ago...) is improved conversion of HTML documents to
other formats (LaTeX, plain text and RTF):
  - An updated DTD is included from the 19940822 draft of the HTML-2.0
  - Inline images can be retained in LaTeX output.
  - URIs can be formatted as a list of references at the end of the
  - Various other changes.
Basic requirements are ANSI C, POSIX, flex and sgmls.

From Mon Sep  5 12:56:31 1994
Article: 15816 of comp.archives
From: (Gary Houston)
Subject: [comp.text.sgml] gf 0.43 available
Date: 31 Aug 1994 11:08:30 +0200

Archive-Name: auto/comp.text.sgml/gf-0-43-available

An updated version of gf is now available as:

The main change is support for LaTeX2e output.

Conversion of HTML documents has been changed slightly as usual, but
I have not yet added support for HTML-2.0.  This will probably be
complete in the near future.


Here is a comment on an earlier version:

From Fri Feb  4 11:24:13 1994
Article: 13352 of comp.archives
From: (Stephane Bortzmeyer)
Subject: SUMMARY: HTML to ASCII: problem with the only available program
Date: 3 Feb 1994 17:20:42 +0100
Organization: Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris, France


Unfortunately, gf has some trouble: it doesn't print URLs (the author, Gary 
Houston ) sent me kindly a patch to correct this) and 
has a lot of difficulties with "real-world" HTML pages with stuff like <hr>
or <img src=> which are not in the provided DTD.


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