From Tue Jul 25 11:15:39 1995
Article: 6822 of comp.infosystems.www.announce
From: (Steve Rainwater)
Subject: SOFTWARE: OS/2 utility converts FAQs to HTML
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 95 01:55:02 GMT-1:00
Organization: Network Cybernetics Corporation

A new OS/2 freeware program is available that will convert FAQ files that
are in standard minimal digest format into HTML.  The program will also
work on non-standard FAQs and other ASCII files to some extent.  Among the

  - URLs (http://, ftp://, etc) can be converted to working links.

  - Email addresses can be converted to MAILTO links

  - You can select to translate character strings into HTML code (i.e., if
    you have items in your document that are delimited by "*" characters
    used as bullets, the program can convert them into bullet icons.)

  - If your document follows the minimal-digest-format you can provide
    specific pieces of HTML code to wrap various sections of the document
    (i.e., the header should be big characters, the table of contents should
    be preformatted text, etc.)

  - FAQs in minimal-digest-format can have horizontal rules or any other
    HTML code you provide as section dividers between topics.

  - You can choose to include or leave out any of the minimal-digest-format
    sections such as the Usenet headers or the digest trailer.

  - The items in the table of contents will be hypertext linked to the
    associated subject lines in the FAQ (again, this works only if your FAQ
    is in standard format!).

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