From Fri Apr  1 14:59:17 1994
Article: 11878 of comp.infosystems.www
From: (Peter Flynn)
Subject: SGML2TeX v0.97
Organization: University College, Cork
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 94 17:27:53 GMT-1:00

Version 0.97 (beta) of SGML2TeX is now available by anonymous ftp from in pub/sgml as file

SGML2TeX is a program for the IBM PC (only - at the moment) to convert the 
SGML tags in a document to control sequences using the conventions of TeX. 

Full documentation is here.
This file is included in the distribution, as well as a PostScript version
which is also available by ftp in the same directory as the zip file.

This is beta-release software. The program appears to perform as indicated 
but users are asked to report any bugs encountered to the author. The program 
is copyright of the author but unrestricted redistribution is permitted 
provided no modifications are made.

Enhancements to previous version (0.92)

 o  now allows specification of a log file name

 o  completely new configuration file option to allow 

    -  prespecification of TeX/LaTeX control sequences to replace specified 
       SGML tags, entities and attribute names

    -  specified element contents to be passed through as `formatted' 
       (honours spaces and newlines); `uninterpreted' (retains literal 
       tags/entities); or `unprocessed' (both of the above) 

    -  specification of an existing style file to be used

    -  unwanted tags can be squeezed out of the output entirely

    -  inline parameter replacement of the document filename, newline,
       date, time and comment character (%)

    -  specification of user character mapping

 o  fixed bug to handle SGML comments correctly