From Sat Apr 22 13:47:25 1995
Article: 2915 of comp.infosystems.www.announce
From: Earl Hood 
Subject: SOFTWARE: MHonArc 1.1 -- Mail-to-HTML converter
Date: 21 Apr 1995 12:57:50 -0700
Reply-To: (Earl Hood)

The next release of MHonArc is now available.  MHonArc is a Perl 4
program for converting e-mail conforming to RFC 822 and RFC 1521 (MIME)
into HTML.

More information on MHonArc and how to obtain it is available here.

Summary of new features:

	o  Run on Unix or MS-DOS platforms
	o  Thread index
	o  Remove messages from an archive
	o  List contents of archive to standard out
	o  Restrict size of an archive
	o  Detection of already archive messages during add operation
	o  More customization features
	o  Added more variables for use in user defined mailto URLs
	o  Bug fixes

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