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From ptimes@bristol.com  Fri Dec  1 04:40:46 1995
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 95 22:40:43 EST
From: Bristol Portability Times 
Subject: Bristol Portability Times - Nov95
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     RIDGEFIELD, Conn., September 5, 1995 -- Bristol 
Technology Inc. announced version 5.0 of HyperHelp, 
a major release of its software for creating UNIX-based, on-
line help systems with WinHelp functionality. Release 5.0 is
the X Window/Motif equivalent of the newly-released Windows 
95 WinHelp 4.0.
     HyperHelp enables developers to add context-sensitive, 
hypertext-based on-line help to UNIX applications. It 
supports the same Rich Text Format (RTF) files, project 
files, and bitmap files as Windows 3.1, Windows NT, and 
Windows 95 Help.  It also supports all major text-authoring 
tools, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Lotus Word Pro, 
Interleaf, FrameMaker, Standard Generalized Markup Language 
(SGML) editors and ASCII text editors.
     Based on the same functionality as Windows 95 Help, 
HyperHelp has context-sensitive technology that includes a 
new graphical user interface for the contents topic, and a 
fast indexed search engine that now takes less than a second 
per file compared to 30 seconds with the previous release.
     Other version 5.0 additions to HyperHelp include a 
"training cards" feature which provides two-way communication 
between help and its related application, authorable and
depressable buttons, a context-sensitive right mouse button 
pop-up menu, a display zoom feature, the ability to select 
text in the main window to copy and paste into the user's 
application, powerful secondary windows features, and new 
macros and APIs to make help systems more interactive and 

(For the complete press release, please visit
our web site

* HyperHelp 5.0 is shipping. *