Here are some example files you can use for generating HTML from lists of files and other things. More information on conversion tools etc is available here.
Convert RTF (using specific styles) into HTML.
written by Dan Connolly, is a perl script to legitimize old HTML files into SGML-abiding HTML (as per the DTD that Dan created).
Lionel Con's converter from Gnu TeXInfo format.
A sed script to turn plain text into plain-looking valid HTML markup so that it will be rendered just as it was.
is an awk script which will just take a list of names and generate a menu.
is a shell script which generates a menu of pointers to files with particular suffixes in a set of directories. It also includes a README file at the head of the hypertext list if one exists.
See the Hytelnet gateway for the program to convert hytelnet data into HTML.
Written by Ari Lemmke, finds references http:... in plain text files and generates anchors out of them.
Latex to HTML converter program by Nikos Drakos - not only does it successfully show the more complex Latex formatting, for example for mathematics, but it also has a set of iconic images, which are included for navigation, and to mark footnotes and references.
You can make any variations on these you like of course. [CERN does not accept any responsability for things quoted in these lists].