Informix Software - XML Query Language Workshop

Michael Ubell - <>


Informix Software is in the business of supplying relational and object-relational database software. We also have divisions that deliver E-Commerce and Data Warehousing solutions. We have various groups involved in development of products that generate and/or process XML.


Our Needs for XML Query Language

XML has been proposed, and is being used, as a data interchange mechanism. This will lead, to people building repositories of XML documents and XML data. Since there are billions of dollars invested in relational technology, it is reasonable to expect that some of these repositories will be built on top of relational databases. In addition there is a need to access existing repositories of data, e.g. relational databases, using the XML Query Language.


We would like to see a query language that not only builds on the good ideas previous successful query languages (e.g. SQL) but also one that is compatible them. As people extend existing repositories with XML data, applications and even queries will have to mix XML-QL with SQL (or OQL). In particular, XML data must be accessible from SQL queries.


Specific features we would like to see addressed include:


Additional Topic - Query Language IN XML


We have a group involved in mapping objects from 3GLs and 4GLs to relational and object relational storage. They find XML a very good way to describe these mappings. There is a need to map the object to its data source representation using SQL. In general there will be XML documents containing, possibly parameterized, SQL queries. Informix has an interest in having such an embedding be as standardized as possible