Giving this seminar

If you want to giveb a talk on W3, here it is. Anyone may give this presentation, so long as they give credit to the authors, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau of CERN. The idea is we cut down on travelling. Please mail us if your give the talk as it would be interesting to know where the talk has been given.

Your feedback is certainly appreciated (

This talk has two parallel "tracks".

The titles of the pages of each track are cross-linked, so by clicking on the title you can jump to the other track. Subtitles in the text track are also linked to pictures which are shared by the projection track.

Practical details for projection

Unless you save the graphics you want as slides or transparencies, you will need to give the talk online with a projection of an internet-connected computer. If you don't give the talk on-line, much of its impact will be lost!


As some of the graphics use many colours, a projection video system is better than a tablet for an overhead projector, as the latter often reduce the number of colors with weird results.

I suggest using NCSA's Mosaic for X on a full sized X workstation (sun, sgi, hp, etc). Make sure you have ghostview and xv also installed for the graphics. Good projectors (Sony, Barco) should handle the scan rates. Test your equipment well before time.

The current trends are to use are to use dark blue backgrounds with white text for readability. You should configure Mosaic to use colours which give good contrast. There are suitable app-default files below which you can put in /usr/lib/X11/Motif/app-defaults/XMosaic on your system. Test the fonts. Use the xlsfonts command to find out what is available. You may have to tweak some font sizes if your system has for example Helvetica in 37 point rather than 36 point. Here are some example app-default files:

The latter was called "big+loud" and Oscar points out that before running xmosaic he ran
			xrdb -merge big+loud

Alternatively, you an use a NeXT, with a special file which you load with the "Style-?Sheet->Load" button. You will need Preview for the postscripts (comes with each NeXT) and some GIFF previewer.

Internet connectivity

If you are giving the talk at a conference where they plan to have internet connectivity, make sure the hotel really knows what this means. Beware that suns come network handicapped out of the box: there are complex rules for getting the nameserver lookup into the sharable libraries. Ideally, get someone to set up the application (pulling it over the net) to demonstrate that it really works before you arrive.


If the talk is to be somewhere you don't know well, take plastic foils just in case -- the network connectivity tend to be much better when you have them with you!

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