Developing Web Architecture

Dan Connolly and friends
W3C Technical Plenary
Feb 2001, Cannes Mandelieu France
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20 minutes

discuss: how do folks learn Web Architecture? how will the TAG disseminate its results?

Issues List

13 issues so far, including:

Outline: Categories of Issues

The Web is a medium for people and machines to communicate using shared space...

  1. What does a URI identify?

    what does it not say?

  2. How do we convey information?

    (languages, documents, ...)

  3. Representational State Transfer (REST)

    identity, state, and GET

  4. What does a message mean?

    message passing and share state

for details: architectural categorization.


The TAG is not starting from scratch...

Principles: motherhood & software engineering

discuss: what balances the tendencies of large design groups in the W3C process?

discuss: coordination costs of modular work?

Principles: Internet Scale

further reading: RFC1958, Carpenter, 1996

discuss: the costs of tolerance

Principles: Web Design

further reading: Design Principles, TimBL, 1998

Section 3: REST: Identity, State and GET

some rules well-documented, some not so:

Do: use GET to wander around the space

large scale result: search services like google

Don't: hold users accountable for GET

"If you agree, follow this link..."

Use PUT/POST to leave your mark.

further reading: from Documents to Deeds in UI Desing Issues, section 9.1.1 Safe Methods in HTTP 1.1