This is the long description of a diagram showing the built-in datatype hierarchy, in the XSD 1.1 Datatypes specification. It contains first an overall description of the diagram, and then a set of nested lists which reproduce the structure of the type hierarchy shown in the diagram.

Overall description

First, the overall description.

The diagram shows the type hierarchy of the built-in datatypes, in the form of a set of labeled boxes, with lines connecting them. Each box corresponds to a datatype, and is labeled with the name of that datatype.

(There is one exception: one box is labeled "all complex types". It represents more than one type, the types it represents are complex types and not datatypes, and none of the types it represents are built-in. But each of the other boxes represents one built-in datatype.)

The boxes are colored to distinguish different kinds of built-in types: dark metallic blue for special types, medium blue for primitive types, pale blue for other built-in atomic types, a fourth shade of blue for built-in list types, and white for complex types. The boxes are hyperlinked to the appropriate sections of the XSD 1.1 specification; in this description, the words used as labels in the boxes are also hyperlinked to the corresponding sections of the specification.

Detailed description

The inheritance hierarchy of the XSD 1.1 Datatypes is represented as a nested list. In the list, an indented datatype means that it is derived from the datatype that contains it.

This ends the detailed description of the diagram.