MMALIAS Characters alphabetically, with glyphs

MathML Aliases

Name Unicode Glyph Description
Bumpeq 224E bumpy equals
Downarrow 21D3 down double arrow
Im 2111 imaginary
Leftarrow 21D0 is implied by
Leftrightarrow 21D4 left and right double arrow
Lleftarrow 21DA left triple arrow
Longleftarrow E200 long left double arrow
Longleftrightarrow E202 long left and right double arr
Longrightarrow E204 long right double arr
Lsh 21B0 Lsh
Re 211C real
Rightarrow 21D2 implies
Rrightarrow 21DB right triple arrow
Rsh 21B1 Rsh
Subset 22D0 double subset
Supset 22D1 double superset
Uparrow 21D1 up double arrow
Updownarrow 21D5 up&down double arrow
Upsilon 03D2 capital Upsilon, Greek
Vert 2016 double vertical bar
angle 2220 angle
approx 2248 approximate
approxeq 224A approximate, equals
ast 2217 centered asterisk
backcong 224C reverse congruent
backepsilon E420 such that
backprime 2035 reverse prime
backsim 223D reverse similar
backsimeq 22CD reverse similar, equals
barwedge 22BC logical and, bar above
because 2235 because
between 226C between
bigcap 22C2 intersection operator
bigcirc 25CB large circle
bigcup 22C3 union operator
bigodot 2299 circle dot operator
bigoplus 2295 circle plus operator
bigotimes 2297 circle times operator
bigsqcup 2294 square union operator
bigstar 2605 star, filled
bigtriangledown 25BD big down triangle, open
bigtriangleup 25B3 big up triangle, open
biguplus 228E biguplus
bigvee 22C1 logical and operator
bigwedge 22C0 logical or operator
bkarow E405 right broken arrow
blacklozenge E501 lozenge, filled
blacksquare 25A0 square, filled
blacktriangle 25B4 up triangle, filled
blacktriangledown 25BE down triangle, filled
blacktriangleleft 25C2 left triangle, filled
blacktriangleright 25B8 right triangle, filled
bot 22A5 bottom
boxminus 229F minus sign in box
boxplus 229E plus sign in box
boxtimes 22A0 multiply sign in box
bullet 2022 round bullet, filled
bumpeq 224F bumpy equals, equals
cdot 22C5 small middle dot
centerdot 00B7 middle dot
checkmark 2713 tick, check mark
circ 2218 composite function (small circle)
circeq 2257 circle, equals
circlearrowleft 21BA left arr in circle
circlearrowright 21BB right arr in circle
circledR 00AF registered sign
circledS E41D capital S in circle
circledast 229B asterisk in circle
circledcirc 229A small circle in circle
circleddash 229D hyphen in circle
clubsuit 2663 club suit symbol
coloneq 2254 colon, equals
complement 2201 complement sign
curlyeqprec 22DE curly equals, precedes
curlyeqsucc 22DF curly equals, succeeds
curlyvee 22CE curly logical or
curlywedge 22CF curly logical and
curvearrowleft 21B6 left curved arrow
curvearrowright 21B7 right curved arrow
dbkarow E207 right doubly broken arrow
ddagger 2021 double dagger
ddotseq E309 equal with four dots
diamond 22C4 open diamond
diamondsuit 2662 diamond suit symbol
digamma 03DD digamma, old Greek
div 00F7 divide sign
divideontimes 22C7 division on times
doteq 2250 equals, single dot above
doteqdot 2251 equals, even dots
dotminus 2238 minus sign, dot above
dotplus 2214 plus sign, dot above
dotsquare 22A1 small dot in box
doublebarwedge 2306 logical and, double bar above
downarrow 2193 downward arrow
downdownarrows 21CA two down arrows
downharpoonleft 21C3 down harpoon-left
downharpoonright 21C2 down harpoon-rt
drbkarow E209 twoheaded right broken arrow
emptyset E2D3 letter O slashed
eqcirc 2256 circle on equals sign
eqcolon 2255 equals, colon
eqsim 2242 equals, similar
eqslantgtr 22DD equal-or-gtr, slanted
eqslantless 22DC eq-or-less, slanted
fallingdotseq 2252 equals, falling dots
geq 2265 greater-than-or-equal
geqq 2267 greater, double equals
geqslant E421 gt-or-equal, slanted
gg 226B double greater-than sign
ggg 22D9 triple gtr-than
gnapprox E411 greater, not approximate
gneq 2269 greater, not equals
gneqq 2269 greater, not double equals
gtrapprox 2273 greater, approximate
gtrdot 22D7 greater than, with dot
gtreqless 22DB greater, equals, less
gtreqqless 22DB gt, double equals, less
gtrless 2277 greater, less
gtrsim 2273 greater, similar
gvertneqq E2A1 gt, vert, not double equals
hbar E2D5 Planck's over 2pi
heartsuit 2661 heart suit symbol
hksearow E20B SE arrow-hooked
hkswarow E20A SW arrow-hooked
hookleftarrow 21A9 left arrow-hooked
hookrightarrow 21AA right arrow-hooked
hslash 210F variant Planck's over 2pi
iiiint E378 quadruple integral operator
iiint 222D triple integral operator
in 220A set membership
intercal 22BA intercal
intprod E259 interior product
langle 3008 left angle bracket
lbrace 007B left curly bracket
lbrack 005B left square bracket
leftarrow 2190 leftward arrow
leftarrowtail 21A2 left arrow-tailed
leftharpoondown 21BD left harpoon-down
leftharpoonup 21BC left harpoon-up
leftleftarrows 21C7 two left arrows
leftrightarrow 2194 left and right arrow
leftrightarrows 21C6 left arr over right arr
leftrightharpoons 21CB left harp over r
leftrightsquigarrow 21AD left and right arr-wavy
leftthreetimes 22CB leftthreetimes
leq 2264 less-than-or-equal
leqq 2266 less, double equals
leqslant E425 less-than-or-equals, slant
lessapprox 2272 less, approximate
lessdot 22D6 less than, with dot
lesseqgtr 22DA less, equals, greater
lesseqqgtr 22DA less, double equals, greater
lessgtr 2276 less, greater
lesssim 2272 less, similar
ll 226A double less-than sign
llcorner 231E lower left corner
lmoustache E294 left moustache
lnapprox E2A2 less, not approximate
lneq 2268 less, not equals
lneqq 2268 less, not double equals
longleftarrow E201 long left arrow
longleftrightarrow E203 long left and right arr
longmapsto E208 longmapsto
longrightarrow E205 long right arrow
looparrowleft 21AB left arrow-looped
looparrowright 21AC right arrow-looped
lozenge 25CA lozenge or total mark
lrcorner 231F lower right corner
lvertneqq E2A4 less, vert, not double equals
maltese 2720 maltese cross
mapsto 21A6 mapsto
measuredangle 2221 angle-measured
mp 2213 minus-or-plus sign
multimap 22B8 multimap
nLeftarrow 21CD not implied by
nLeftrightarrow 21CE not left and right double arr
nRightarrow 21CF not implies
napprox 2249 not approximate
natural 266E music natural
nearrow 2197 NE pointing arrow
nexists 2204 negated exists
ngeq E2A6 not greater-than-or-equal
ngeqq 2271 not greater, double equals
ngeqslant 2271 not gt-or-equals, slanted
ngtr 226F not greater-than
nleftarrow 219A not left arrow
nleftrightarrow 21AE not left and right arrow
nleq E2A7 not less-than-or-equal
nleqq 2270 not less, double equals
nleqslant 2270 not less-or-equals, slant
nless 226E not less-than
nparallel 2226 not parallel
nprec 2280 not precedes
npreceq E412 not precedes, equals
nrightarrow 219B not right arrow
nshortmid E2AA negated short mid
nshortparallel E2AB not short par
nsimeq 2244 not similar, equals
nsubset 2284 not subset, variant
nsubseteq 2288 not subset, equals
nsubseteqq 2288 not subset, double equals
nsucc 2281 not succeeds
nsucceq E413 not succeeds, equals
nsupset 2285 not superset, variant
nsupseteq 2289 not superset, equals
nsupseteqq 2289 not superset, double equals
ntriangleleft 22EA not left triangle
ntrianglelefteq 22EC not left triangle, equals
ntriangleright 22EB not right triangle
ntrianglerighteq 22ED not right triangle, equals
nwarrow 2196 NW pointing arrow
oint 222E contour integral operator
oslash 2298 solidus in circle
parallel 2225 parallel
pitchfork 22D4 pitchfork
pm 00B1 plus-or-minus sign
prec 227A precedes
precapprox 227E precedes, approximate
preccurlyeq 227C precedes, curly equals
preceq 227C precedes, equals
precnapprox 22E8 precedes, not approx
precneqq E2B3 precedes, not double equals
precnsim 22E8 precedes, not similar
precsim 227E precedes, similar
propto 221D is proportional to
questeq 225F equal with questionmark
rangle 3009 right angle bracket
rbrace 007D right curly bracket
rbrack 005D right square bracket
rightarrow 2192 rightward arrow
rightarrowtail 21A3 right arrow-tailed
rightharpoondown 21C1 right harpoon-down
rightharpoonup 21C0 right harpoon-up
rightleftarrows 21C4 right arr over left arr
rightleftharpoons 21CC right harp over l
rightrightarrows 21C9 two right arrows
rightsquigarrow 219D right arrow-wavy
rightthreetimes 22CC rightthreetimes
risingdotseq 2253 equals, rising dots
rmoustache E293 right moustache
searrow 2198 SE pointing arrow
setminus 2216 reverse solidus
shortmid E301 shortmid
shortparallel E302 short parallel
simeq 2243 similar, equals
smallfrown E426 small down curve
smallsetminus E40F sm reverse solidus
smallsmile E303 small up curve
spadesuit 2660 spades suit symbol
sqsubset 228F square subset
sqsubseteq 2291 square subset, equals
sqsupset 2290 square superset
sqsupseteq 2292 square superset, equals
star 22C6 small star, filled, low
straightepsilon 220A small epsilon, Greek
straightphi 03C6 small phi, Greek
subset 2282 subset or is implied by
subseteq 2286 subset, equals
subseteqq 2286 subset, double equals
subsetneq 228A subset, not equals
subsetneqq 228A subset, not double equals
succ 227B succeeds
succapprox 227F succeeds, approximate
succcurlyeq 227D succeeds, curly equals
succeq 227D succeeds, equals
succnapprox 22E9 succeeds, not approx
succneqq E2B5 succeeds, not double equals
succnsim 22E9 succeeds, not similar
succsim 227F succeeds, similar
supset 2283 superset or implies
supseteq 2287 superset, equals
supseteqq 2287 superset, double equals
supsetneq 228B superset, not equals
supsetneqq 228B superset, not double equals
swarrow 2199 SW pointing arrow
therefore 2234 therefore
thickapprox E306 thick approximate
thicksim E429 thick similar
toea E20E NE & SE arrows
tosa E406 SE & SW arrows
triangle 25B5 up triangle, open
triangledown 25BF down triangle, open
triangleleft 25C3 left triangle, open
trianglelefteq 22B4 left triangle, equals
triangleq 225C triangle, equals
triangleright 25B9 right triangle, open
trianglerighteq 22B5 right triangle, equals
twoheadleftarrow 219E twoheadleftarrow
twoheadrightarrow 21A0 twoheadrightarrow
ulcorner 231C upper left corner
uparrow 2191 upward arrow
updownarrow 2195 up&down arrow
upharpoonleft 21BF up harpoon-left
upharpoonright 21BE up harp-r
upsilon 03C5 small upsilon, Greek
upuparrows 21C8 two up arrows
urcorner 231D upper right corner
varepsilon 03B5 rounded samll epsilon, Greek
varkappa 03F0 rounded small kappa , Greek
varnothing 2205 circle, slash
varphi 03D5 curly or open small phi, Greek
varpi 03D6 rounded samll pi (pomega), Greek
varpropto 221D proportional, variant
varrho 03F1 rounded small rho, Greek
varsigma 03C2 terminal sigma, Greek
varsubsetneq E2B9 subset, not equals, variant
varsubsetneqq E2B8 subset not double equals, variant
varsupsetneq E2BA superset, not equals, variant
varsupsetneqq E2BB super not double equals, variant
vartheta 03D1 curly or open theta
vartriangleleft 22B2 left triangle, open, variant
vartriangleright 22B3 right triangle, open, variant
vee 2228 logical or
vert 007C vertical bar
wedge 2227 logical and
wp 2118 Weierstrass p
wr 2240 wreath product