ISOAMSB Characters alphabetically, with glyphs

Added Math Symbols: Binary Operators
Extended by MathML with aliases

Name Unicode Glyph Description Entity group
Barwed 2306 logical and, double bar above ISOAMSB
Cap 22D2 double intersection ISOAMSB
Cup 22D3 double union ISOAMSB
Dagger 2021 double dagger relation ISOAMSB
Otimes E28C multiply sign in double circle ISOAMSB
ac E407 most positive ISOAMSB
acE E290 most positive, two lines below ISOAMSB
amalg E251 amalgamation or coproduct ISOAMSB
ast 2217 centered asterisk MMALIAS midast
barvee 22BD bar, vee ISOAMSB
barwed 22BC logical and, bar above ISOAMSB
barwedge 22BC logical and, bar above MMALIAS barwed
bigcap 22C2 intersection operator MMALIAS xcap
bigcirc 25CB large circle MMALIAS xcirc
bigcup 22C3 union operator MMALIAS xcup
bigodot 2299 circle dot operator MMALIAS xodot
bigoplus 2295 circle plus operator MMALIAS xoplus
bigotimes 2297 circle times operator MMALIAS xotime
bigsqcup 2294 square union operator MMALIAS xsqcup
bigtriangledown 25BD big down triangle, open MMALIAS xdtri
bigtriangleup 25B3 big up triangle, open MMALIAS xutri
biguplus 228E biguplus MMALIAS xuplus
bigvee 22C1 logical and operator MMALIAS xvee
bigwedge 22C0 logical or operator MMALIAS xwedge
boxminus 229F minus sign in box MMALIAS minusb
boxplus 229E plus sign in box MMALIAS plusb
boxtimes 22A0 multiply sign in box MMALIAS timesb
bsolb E280 reverse solidus in square ISOAMSB
capand E281 intersection, and ISOAMSB
capbrcup E271 intersection, bar, union ISOAMSB
capcap E273 intersection, intersection, joined ISOAMSB
capcup E408 intersection above union ISOAMSB
capdot E261 intersection, with dot ISOAMSB
caps E275 intersection, serifs ISOAMSB
ccaps E279 closed intersection, serifs ISOAMSB
ccups E278 closed union, serifs ISOAMSB
ccupssm E27A closed union, serifs, smash product ISOAMSB
cdot 22C5 small middle dot MMALIAS sdot
circledast 229B asterisk in circle MMALIAS oast
circledcirc 229A small circle in circle MMALIAS ocir
circleddash 229D hyphen in circle MMALIAS odash
coprod 2210 coproduct operator ISOAMSB
cupbrcap E270 union, bar, intersection ISOAMSB
cupcap E26E union above intersection ISOAMSB
cupcup E272 union, union, joined ISOAMSB
cupdot 228D union, with dot ISOAMSB
cupor E282 union, or ISOAMSB
cups E274 union, serifs ISOAMSB
curlyvee 22CE curly logical or MMALIAS cuvee
curlywedge 22CF curly logical and MMALIAS cuwed
cuvee 22CE curly logical or ISOAMSB
cuwed 22CF curly logical and ISOAMSB
dagger 2020 dagger relation ISOAMSB
ddagger 2021 double dagger relation MMALIAS Dagger
diam 22C4 open diamond ISOAMSB
diamond 22C4 open diamond MMALIAS diam
divideontimes 22C7 division on times MMALIAS divonx
divonx 22C7 division on times ISOAMSB
dotminus 2238 minus sign, dot above MMALIAS minusd
dotplus 2214 plus sign, dot above MMALIAS plusdo
dotsquare 22A1 small dot in box MMALIAS sdotb
doublebarwedge 2306 logical and, double bar above MMALIAS Barwed
eplus E268 equal, plus ISOAMSB
hercon 22B9 hermitian conjugate matrix ISOAMSB
intcal 22BA intercal ISOAMSB
intercal 22BA intercal MMALIAS intcal
intprod E259 interior product MMALIAS iprod
iprod E259 interior product ISOAMSB
leftthreetimes 22CB leftthreetimes MMALIAS lthree
loplus E25C plus sign in left half circle ISOAMSB
lotimes E25E multiply sign in left half circle ISOAMSB
lthree 22CB leftthreetimes ISOAMSB
ltimes 22C9 times sign, left closed ISOAMSB
midast 2217 centered asterisk ISOAMSB
minusb 229F minus sign in box ISOAMSB
minusd 2238 minus sign, dot above ISOAMSB
minusdu E25B minus sign, dot below ISOAMSB
ncap E284 bar, intersection ISOAMSB
ncup E283 bar, union ISOAMSB
oast 229B asterisk in circle ISOAMSB
ocir 229A small circle in circle ISOAMSB
odash 229D hyphen in circle ISOAMSB
odiv E285 divide in circle ISOAMSB
odot 2299 middle dot in circle ISOAMSB
odsold E286 dot, solidus, dot in circle ISOAMSB
ofcir E287 filled circle in circle ISOAMSB
ogt E289 greater-than in circle ISOAMSB
ohbar E260 circle with horizontal bar ISOAMSB
olcir E409 large circle in circle ISOAMSB
olt E288 less-than in circle ISOAMSB
omid E40A vertical bar in circle ISOAMSB
ominus 2296 minus sign in circle ISOAMSB
opar E28A parallel in circle ISOAMSB
operp E28B perpendicular in circle ISOAMSB
oplus 2295 plus sign in circle ISOAMSB
oslash 2298 solidus in circle MMALIAS osol
osol 2298 solidus in circle ISOAMSB
otimes 2297 multiply sign in circle ISOAMSB
otimesas E28D multiply sign in circle, circumflex accent ISOAMSB
ovbar E40B circle with vertical bar ISOAMSB
plusacir E26A plus, circumflex accent above ISOAMSB
plusb 229E plus sign in box ISOAMSB
pluscir E266 plus, small circle above ISOAMSB
plusdo 2214 plus sign, dot above ISOAMSB
plusdu E25A plus sign, dot below ISOAMSB
pluse E267 plus, equals ISOAMSB
plussim E26C plus, similar below ISOAMSB
plustwo E269 plus, two; Nim-addition ISOAMSB
race E40C reverse most positive, line below ISOAMSB
rightthreetimes 22CC rightthreetimes MMALIAS rthree
roplus E25D plus sign in right half circle ISOAMSB
rotimes E40D multiply sign in right half circle ISOAMSB
rthree 22CC rightthreetimes ISOAMSB
rtimes 22CA times sign, right closed ISOAMSB
sdot 22C5 small middle dot ISOAMSB
sdotb 22A1 small dot in box ISOAMSB
setminus 2216 reverse solidus MMALIAS setmn
setmn 2216 reverse solidus ISOAMSB
simplus E26B plus, similar above ISOAMSB
smallsetminus E40F sm reverse solidus MMALIAS ssetmn
smashp E264 smash product ISOAMSB
solb E40E solidus in square ISOAMSB
sqcap 2293 square intersection ISOAMSB
sqcaps E277 square intersection, serifs ISOAMSB
sqcup 2294 square union ISOAMSB
sqcups E276 square union, serifs ISOAMSB
ssetmn E40F sm reverse solidus ISOAMSB
sstarf 22C6 small star, filled, low ISOAMSB
star 22C6 small star, filled, low MMALIAS sstarf
subdot E262 subset, with dot ISOAMSB
sum 2211 summation operator ISOAMSB
supdot E263 superset, with dot ISOAMSB
timesb 22A0 multiply sign in box ISOAMSB
timesbar E28E multiply sign, bar below ISOAMSB
timesd E26D times, dot ISOAMSB
tridot E410 dot in triangle ISOAMSB
triminus E27C minus in triangle ISOAMSB
triplus E27B plus in triangle ISOAMSB
trisb E27E triangle, serifs at bottom ISOAMSB
tritime E27D multiply in triangle ISOAMSB
uplus 228E plus sign in union ISOAMSB
veebar 22BB logical or, bar below ISOAMSB
wedbar E265 wedge, bar below ISOAMSB
wr 2240 wreath product MMALIAS wreath
wreath 2240 wreath product ISOAMSB
xcap 22C2 intersection operator ISOAMSB
xcirc 25CB large circle ISOAMSB
xcup 22C3 union operator ISOAMSB
xdtri 25BD big down triangle, open ISOAMSB
xodot 2299 circle dot operator ISOAMSB
xoplus 2295 circle plus operator ISOAMSB
xotime 2297 circle times operator ISOAMSB
xsqcup 2294 square union operator ISOAMSB
xuplus 228E biguplus ISOAMSB
xutri 25B3 big up triangle, open ISOAMSB
xvee 22C1 logical and operator ISOAMSB
xwedge 22C0 logical or operator ISOAMSB