ISOAMSA Characters alphabetically, with glyphs

Added Math Symbols: Arrow Relations
Extended by MathML with aliases

Name Unicode Glyph Description Entity group
DDotrahd E238 right arrow with dotted stem ISOAMSA
Darr 21A1 down two-headed arrow ISOAMSA
Downarrow 21D3 down double arrow MMALIAS dArr
Larr 219E twoheadleftarrow ISOAMSA
Leftrightarrow 21D4 left and right double arrow MMALIAS hArr
Lleftarrow 21DA left triple arrow MMALIAS lAarr
Longleftarrow E200 long left double arrow MMALIAS xlArr
Longleftrightarrow E202 long left and right double arr MMALIAS xhArr
Longrightarrow E204 long right double arr MMALIAS xrArr
Lsh 21B0 Lsh MMALIAS lsh
Map E212 twoheaded mapsto ISOAMSA
RBarr E209 twoheaded right broken arrow ISOAMSA
Rarr 21A0 twoheadrightarrow ISOAMSA
Rarrtl E239 right two-headed arrow with tail ISOAMSA
Rrightarrow 21DB right triple arrow MMALIAS rAarr
Rsh 21B1 Rsh MMALIAS rsh
Uarr 219F up two-headed arrow ISOAMSA
Uarrocir E237 up two-headed arrow above circle ISOAMSA
Uparrow 21D1 up double arrow MMALIAS uArr
Updownarrow 21D5 up&down; double arrow MMALIAS vArr
angzarr E248 angle with down zig-zag arrow ISOAMSA
bkarow E405 right broken arrow MMALIAS rbarr
circlearrowleft 21BA left arr in circle MMALIAS olarr
circlearrowright 21BB right arr in circle MMALIAS orarr
cirmid E250 circle, mid below ISOAMSA
cudarrl E23E left, curved, down arrow ISOAMSA
cudarrr E400 right, curved, down arrow ISOAMSA
cularr 21B6 left curved arrow ISOAMSA
cularrp E24A curved left arrow with plus ISOAMSA
curarr 21B7 right curved arrow ISOAMSA
curarrm E249 curved right arrow with minus ISOAMSA
curvearrowleft 21B6 left curved arrow MMALIAS cularr
curvearrowright 21B7 right curved arrow MMALIAS curarr
dArr 21D3 down double arrow ISOAMSA
dHar E227 down harpoon-left, down harpoon-right ISOAMSA
dbkarow E207 right doubly broken arrow MMALIAS rBarr
ddarr 21CA two down arrows ISOAMSA
dfisht E24C down fish tail ISOAMSA
dharl 21C3 down harpoon-left ISOAMSA
dharr 21C2 down harpoon-rt ISOAMSA
downdownarrows 21CA two down arrows MMALIAS ddarr
downharpoonleft 21C3 down harpoon-left MMALIAS dharl
downharpoonright 21C2 down harpoon-rt MMALIAS dharr
drbkarow E209 twoheaded right broken arrow MMALIAS RBarr
duarr E216 down arrow, up arrow ISOAMSA
duhar E217 down harp, up harp ISOAMSA
dzigrarr 21DD right long zig-zag arrow ISOAMSA
erarr E236 equal, right arrow below ISOAMSA
hArr 21D4 left and right double arrow ISOAMSA
harr 2194 left and right arrow ISOAMSA
harrcir E240 left and right arrow with a circle ISOAMSA
harrw 21AD left and right arr-wavy ISOAMSA
hksearow E20B SE arrow-hooked MMALIAS searhk
hkswarow E20A SW arrow-hooked MMALIAS swarhk
hoarr E243 horizontal open arrow ISOAMSA
hookleftarrow 21A9 left arrow-hooked MMALIAS larrhk
hookrightarrow 21AA right arrow-hooked MMALIAS rarrhk
imof 22B7 image of ISOAMSA
lAarr 21DA left triple arrow ISOAMSA
lAtail E23D left double arrow-tail ISOAMSA
lBarr E206 left doubly broken arrow ISOAMSA
lHar E225 left harpoon-up over left harpoon-down ISOAMSA
larrbfs E220 left arrow-bar, filled square ISOAMSA
larrfs E222 left arrow, filled square ISOAMSA
larrhk 21A9 left arrow-hooked ISOAMSA
larrlp 21AB left arrow-looped ISOAMSA
larrpl E401 left arrow, plus ISOAMSA
larrsim E24E left arrow, similar ISOAMSA
larrtl 21A2 left arrow-tailed ISOAMSA
latail E23C left arrow-tail ISOAMSA
lbarr E402 left broken arrow ISOAMSA
ldca E21A left down curved arrow ISOAMSA
ldrdhar E22C left harpoon-down over right harpoon-down ISOAMSA
ldrushar E228 left-down-right-up harpoon ISOAMSA
ldsh 21B2 left down angled arrow ISOAMSA
leftarrowtail 21A2 left arrow-tailed MMALIAS larrtl
leftharpoondown 21BD left harpoon-down MMALIAS lhard
leftharpoonup 21BC left harpoon-up MMALIAS lharu
leftleftarrows 21C7 two left arrows MMALIAS llarr
leftrightarrow 2194 left and right arrow MMALIAS harr
leftrightarrows 21C6 left arr over right arr MMALIAS lrarr
leftrightharpoons 21CB left harp over r MMALIAS lrhar
leftrightsquigarrow 21AD left and right arr-wavy MMALIAS harrw
lfisht E214 left fish tail ISOAMSA
lhard 21BD left harpoon-down ISOAMSA
lharu 21BC left harpoon-up ISOAMSA
lharul E22E left harpoon-up over long dash ISOAMSA
llarr 21C7 two left arrows ISOAMSA
llhard E231 left harpoon-down below long dash ISOAMSA
loarr E242 left open arrow ISOAMSA
longleftarrow E201 long left arrow MMALIAS xlarr
longleftrightarrow E203 long left and right arr MMALIAS xharr
longmapsto E208 longmapsto MMALIAS xmap
longrightarrow E205 long right arrow MMALIAS xrarr
looparrowleft 21AB left arrow-looped MMALIAS larrlp
looparrowright 21AC right arrow-looped MMALIAS rarrlp
lrarr 21C6 left arr over right arr ISOAMSA
lrhar 21CB left harp over r ISOAMSA
lrhard E403 right harpoon-down below long dash ISOAMSA
lsh 21B0 Lsh ISOAMSA
lurdshar E229 left-up-right-down harpoon ISOAMSA
luruhar E22B left harpoon-up over right harpoon-up ISOAMSA
map 21A6 mapsto ISOAMSA
mapsto 21A6 mapsto MMALIAS map
midcir E404 mid, circle below ISOAMSA
multimap 22B8 multimap MMALIAS mumap
mumap 22B8 multimap ISOAMSA
nLeftarrow 21CD not implied by MMALIAS nlArr
nLeftrightarrow 21CE not left and right double arr MMALIAS nhArr
nRightarrow 21CF not implies MMALIAS nrArr
neArr 21D7 NE pointing double arrow ISOAMSA
nearhk E20D NE arrow-hooked ISOAMSA
nearr 2197 NE pointing arrow ISOAMSA
nearrow 2197 NE pointing arrow MMALIAS nearr
nesear E20E NE & SE arrows ISOAMSA
nhArr 21CE not left and right double arr ISOAMSA
nharr 21AE not left and right arrow ISOAMSA
nlArr 21CD not implied by ISOAMSA
nlarr 219A not left arrow ISOAMSA
nleftarrow 219A not left arrow MMALIAS nlarr
nleftrightarrow 21AE not left and right arrow MMALIAS nharr
nrArr 21CF not implies ISOAMSA
nrarr 219B not right arrow ISOAMSA
nrarrc E21D not right arrow-curved ISOAMSA
nrarrw E21B not right arrow-wavy ISOAMSA
nrightarrow 219B not right arrow MMALIAS nrarr
nvhArr* 21CE not, vert, left and right double arrow ISOAMSA
nvlArr 21CD not, vert, left double arrow ISOAMSA
nvrArr 21CF not, vert, right double arrow ISOAMSA
nwArr 21D6 NW pointing double arrow ISOAMSA
nwarhk E20C NW arrow-hooked ISOAMSA
nwarr 2196 NW pointing arrow ISOAMSA
nwarrow 2196 NW pointing arrow MMALIAS nwarr
nwnear E211 NW & NE arrows ISOAMSA
olarr 21BA left arr in circle ISOAMSA
orarr 21BB right arr in circle ISOAMSA
origof 22B6 original of ISOAMSA
rAarr 21DB right triple arrow ISOAMSA
rAtail E23B right double arrow-tail ISOAMSA
rBarr E207 right doubly broken arrow ISOAMSA
rHar E224 right harpoon-up over right harpoon-down ISOAMSA
rarrap E235 approximate, right arrow above ISOAMSA
rarrbfs E221 right arrow-bar, filled square ISOAMSA
rarrc E21C right arrow-curved ISOAMSA
rarrfs E223 right arrow, filled square ISOAMSA
rarrhk 21AA right arrow-hooked ISOAMSA
rarrlp 21AC right arrow-looped ISOAMSA
rarrpl E21E right arrow, plus ISOAMSA
rarrsim E24D right arrow, similar ISOAMSA
rarrtl 21A3 right arrow-tailed ISOAMSA
rarrw 219D right arrow-wavy ISOAMSA
ratail 21A3 right arrow-tail ISOAMSA
rbarr E405 right broken arrow ISOAMSA
rdca E219 right down curved arrow ISOAMSA
rdldhar E22D right harpoon-down over left harpoon-down ISOAMSA
rdsh 21B3 right down angled arrow ISOAMSA
rfisht E215 right fish tail ISOAMSA
rhard 21C1 right harpoon-down ISOAMSA
rharu 21C0 right harpoon-up ISOAMSA
rharul E230 right harpoon-up over long dash ISOAMSA
rightarrowtail 21A3 right arrow-tailed MMALIAS rarrtl
rightharpoondown 21C1 right harpoon-down MMALIAS rhard
rightharpoonup 21C0 right harpoon-up MMALIAS rharu
rightleftarrows 21C4 right arr over left arr MMALIAS rlarr
rightleftharpoons 21CC right harp over l MMALIAS rlhar
rightrightarrows 21C9 two right arrows MMALIAS rrarr
rightsquigarrow 219D right arrow-wavy MMALIAS rarrw
rlarr 21C4 right arr over left arr ISOAMSA
rlhar 21CC right harp over l ISOAMSA
roarr E241 right open arrow ISOAMSA
rrarr 21C9 two right arrows ISOAMSA
rsh 21B1 Rsh ISOAMSA
ruluhar E22A right harpoon-up over left harpoon-up ISOAMSA
seArr 21D8 SE pointing double arrow ISOAMSA
searhk E20B SE arrow-hooked ISOAMSA
searr 2198 SE pointing arrow ISOAMSA
searrow 2198 SE pointing arrow MMALIAS searr
seswar E406 SE & SW arrows ISOAMSA
simrarr E234 similar, right arrow below ISOAMSA
slarr E233 short left arrow ISOAMSA
srarr E232 short right arrow ISOAMSA
swArr 21D9 SW pointing double arrow ISOAMSA
swarhk E20A SW arrow-hooked ISOAMSA
swarr 2199 SW pointing arrow ISOAMSA
swarrow 2199 SW pointing arrow MMALIAS swarr
swnwar E210 SW & NW arrows ISOAMSA
toea E20E NE & SE arrows MMALIAS nesear
tosa E406 SE & SW arrows MMALIAS seswar
twoheadleftarrow 219E twoheadleftarrow MMALIAS Larr
twoheadrightarrow 21A0 twoheadrightarrow MMALIAS Rarr
uArr 21D1 up double arrow ISOAMSA
uHar E226 up harpoon-left, up harpoon-right ISOAMSA
udarr 21C5 up arrow, down arrow ISOAMSA
udhar E218 up harp, down harp ISOAMSA
ufisht E24B up fish tail ISOAMSA
uharl 21BF up harpoon-left ISOAMSA
uharr 21BE up harp-r ISOAMSA
updownarrow 2195 up&down; arrow MMALIAS varr
upharpoonleft 21BF up harpoon-left MMALIAS uharl
upharpoonright 21BE up harp-r MMALIAS uharr
upuparrows 21C8 two up arrows MMALIAS uuarr
uuarr 21C8 two up arrows ISOAMSA
vArr 21D5 up&down; double arrow ISOAMSA
varr 2195 up&down; arrow ISOAMSA
xhArr E202 long left and right double arr ISOAMSA
xharr E203 long left and right arr ISOAMSA
xlArr E200 long left double arrow ISOAMSA
xlarr E201 long left arrow ISOAMSA
xmap E208 longmapsto ISOAMSA
xrArr E204 long right double arr ISOAMSA
xrarr E205 long right arrow ISOAMSA
zigrarr E244 right zig-zag arrow ISOAMSA