Working Draft 10-Jul-97

Revision History

Abstract Revised description of MathML. Minor re-wording and corrections, including updated URLs. Added a paragraph about anticipated MathML software.
1.Section 1 extensively re-written.
2.3 Minor re-wording and corrections, including more consistent distinction between tags and elements.
2.3 A section 2.3. Mixing Both Types of Markup Element.
3. Minor re-wording and corrections. Added MF separator type throughout
3.1.3 Added discussion of the difference between XML attribute value types in the MathML DTD and the meaningful attribute values given in the full specification.
3.1.8-9Added a section specifying all elements have CLASS and STYLE attributes.
3.2.2Added "base" attribute to the MN entity. rules for a row of stretchy operators expanded (after the subsection entitled "Horizontal Stretching Rules").
3.2.6Paragraph added after the table of attributes warning against abuse of the MSPACE entity.
4. Minor corrections and re-formatting.
4.1.4 Leaf Tokens in Content Markup added
4.2 Put leaf tagging in content markup examples. Element EA deleted. Elements INT, DIV, MOD made canonically empty.
4.2.10 New section on semantic mapping elements added for completeness
4.2.3 Relations use not
4.3 revised SEMANTICS in line with discussion in Minneapolis
4.4 Revised to refer to CLASS, STYLE and OTHER attributes. Modifying Content Rendering added.
5. Added leaf node tagging, and uniformized capitalization. Minor corrections and re-wording.
6. Minor corrections and re-wording.
7. Minor corrections and re-wording.
7.1Added material about CDATA sections to F and FD decriptions.
7.1.2Description of the OVERFLOW attribute expanded
7.1.3. Expanded explanation about using MIME types to invoke embedded renderers. Added example.
7.2.1Made "MathML Compliance" a separate section. Expanded the description of what "queried" means.
7.2.5Expanded and revised MACTION description. Move to section 3.
Appendix AReplaced DTD with a revised version
Appendix BExpanded glossary.
Appendix CRevised explanatory text, added operator group numbers, and added MF spearator type to the dictionary.
References Document-wide reference section added.