UnicodeAFIIgridISO 8879 entityISO 8879 descriptionISO TR9573 entityISO TR9573 descriptionElsevier entityElsevier descriptionHTMLTeX textTeX mathElsevier glyphMathematica nameMathematica glyph
DB6B⦻circle, cross
DBD6⧀less-than in circle
EEC3⦶vertical bar in circle
𝕆open face O
DBD7⦷parallel in circle
DBD8⦹perpendicular in circle
DB6Cbio⩔dbl logical or&z.Or;
DB6D⩝or, horizontal dash
D9C8bpp⊶original of⊶
DB6Fbiq⩖two logical or⩔
DB70⩗sloping large or
DB71⩛or with middle stem
DBD9⨷multiply sign in double circle
DBDA⨶multiply sign in circle, circumflex accent
EEC3bsq⌽circle with vertical bar⌽
D97A⫳parallel, similar
EF48⫽parallel, slanted
223Ebhn‱per 10 thousand&z.ppcnt;
𝔓Fraktur upper case p
𝔭Fraktur lower case p
EF68bugℏhslash - variant Planck's over 2piℏ
DBDB⨣plus, circumflex accent above
DBDC⨢plus, small circle above
DBDDbta⨥plus sign, dot below&doplus;
DBDE⩲plus, equals
DBDF⨦plus, similar below
DBE0⨧plus, two; Nim-addition
EB34⨕integral around a point operator
ℙopen face P
D849⪻dbl precedes
21A3bks⪷precapprox R: precedes, approximate⪷precedes, approximate⪷
2152bku≼preccurlyeq R: precedes, curly eq≼
2265bkt⪯preceq R: precedes, equals⪯precedes, equals⪯\preceq
D84A⪳precedes, dbl equals
21B3bls⪹precnapprox N: precedes, not approx⪹precedes, not approx⪹
21D4blt⪵precneqq N: precedes, not dbl eq⪵precedes, not dbl eq⪵
EE4E⌮all-around profile
EE4C⌒profile of a line
EE4D⌓profile of a surface
EBC8⊰element precedes under relation
𝔔Fraktur upper case q
𝔮Fraktur lower case q
DB72⨌iiiint quadruple integral operator
ℚopen face Q
DB74bm8⁗quadruple prime&z.qprime;´´´´
EB35bj4⨖quaternion integral operator&z.sqint;
DBE1∽̱reverse most positive, line below
DBB6⦳circle, slash, right arrow above
2239beb⟫right angle bracket, double&z.rdang;
D9F1⦒right angle, dot
DBB7⦥reverse angle, equal
D9C9⥵approximate, right arrow above
D9CA⤠right arrow-bar, filled square
D9CBba1⤳right arrow-curved&z.rarrc;
D9CC⤞right arrow, filled square
D9CD⥅right arrow, plus
D9CE⥴right arrow, similar
D9CF⤖right two-headed arrow with tail
D9D0⤚right arrow-tail
D9D1⤜right double arrow-tail
EB30⤍bkarow A: right broken arrow
D9D2⤏dbkarow A: right doubly broken arrow
D9D3⤐drbkarow A: twoheaded right broken arrow
214D❳right broken bracket
D9F2⦌right bracket, equal
D9F3⦎right bracket, solidus bottom corner
D9F4⦐right bracket, solidus top corner
D9D4bcy⤷right down curved arrow&z.arrdr;
D9D5⥩right harpoon-down over left harpoon-down
22EFbcx↳right down angled arrow&z.rhkd;
D9D6bdy⥽right fish tail⥽
ℜFraktur upper case r
𝔯Fraktur lower case r
D9D7⥤right harpoon-up over right harpoon-down
D9D8⥬right harpoon-up over long dash
D97B⫮reverse /nmid
2149⟭right open angular bracket
D9D9⇾right open arrow
214Bbec⟧right open bracket⟧
EB39bed⦆right open parenthesis⟭
ℝopen face R
DBE2bsv⨮plus sign in right half circle&z.oplusr;
DBE3bsw⨵multiply sign in right half circle&z.otimsr;
D9F5bi0⦔rightparengtr C: right paren, gt⦔C: right paren, gt⦔
DB76⨒line integration, rectangular path around pole
D948⧎right triangle above left triangle
D9DA⥨right harpoon-up over left harpoon-up
D949⪼dbl succeeds
21A4bms⪸succapprox R: succeeds, approximate⪸succeeds, approximate⪸
2266bmt⪰succeq R: succeeds, equals⪰succeeds, equals⪰\succeq