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D93F⪍less, similar, equal
D940⪏less, similar, greater
D941⪦less than, closed by curve
D942⩹less than, circle inside
D943⥶less than, left arrow
D944⩻less than, questionmark above
D9F0⦖dbl right parenthesis, less
D9BA⥊left-up-right-down harpoon
D9BB⥦left harpoon-up over right harpoon-up
D9BCbax⤅twoheaded mapsto⤅
D945⨩minus, comma above
EE64btp∺minus with four dots, geometric properties∺÷÷
𝔐Fraktur upper case m
𝔪Fraktur lower case m
227Cce2℧mho - conductance&z.mho;
EBDC⫰mid, circle below
EE3Bbtn∸dotminus B: minus sign, dot above∸
DBCFbtm⨪minus sign, dot below&dminus;
𝕄open face M
D947bpz∾most positive∼~
DBB5∠⃒not, vert, angle
D969⩰̸not approximately equal or equal to
D96Abr6≋̸not approximately identical to≋̸
DBD0⩃bar, intersection
D96B⩭̸not congruent, dot
DBD1⩂bar, union
D9BDbbd⤤NE arrow-hooked⤤
D9BE⇗NE pointing dbl arrow
DB5B≐̸not equal, dot
D9BFbb2⤨toea A: NE & SE arrows⤨
𝔑Fraktur upper case n
𝔫Fraktur lower case n
21F1bnk≧̸ngeqq N: not greater, dbl equals≧̸not greater, dbl equals≧̸
D96C⋙̸not triple greater than
21DAbnh≵not greater, similar&z.ngtneq;
D96D≫⃒not, vert, much greater than
D96E≫̸not much greater than, variant
DB5C⫲not, horizontal, parallel
DB5D⋼contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
DB5E⋺contains, long horizontal stroke
DB5F∋contains, variant
21F0blk≦̸nleqq N: not less, dbl equals≦̸not less, dbl equals≦̸
D96F⋘̸not triple less than
21D9blh≴not less, similar&z.nltneq;
D970≪⃒not, vert, much less than
D971≪̸not much less than, variant
ℕopen face N
DB60⫬not with two horizontal strokes
DB61⋵̸negated set membership, dot above
DB62⋹̸negated set membership, two horizontal strokes
DB63∉negated set membership, variant
22BA⋷negated set membership, variant
DB64⋶negated set membership, variant
21F8bra∌negated contains∌
EBBB∌negated contains, variant
DB65⋾contains, variant
DB66⋽contains, variant
DB67⫽⃥not parallel, slanted
DB68∂̸not partial differential
DB69⨔line integration, not including the pole
21D6⋠not curly precedes, eq
D9C0bb1⤳̸not right arrow-curved&z.nrarrc;
D9C1↝̸not right arrow-wavy
D972⋡not succeeds, curly eq
21B6be7∦nshortparallel N: not short par∦not short par∦
21EEbpl⋢not, square subset, equals&z.sqnrsb;
21EFbrl⋣not, square superset, equals&z.sqnrsp;
21C3bpi⫅̸nsubseteqq N: not subset, dbl eq⫅̸not subset, dbl eq⫅̸
21C4bri⫆̸nsupseteqq N: not superset, dbl eq⫆̸not superset, dbl eq⫆̸
21E9bni≹not greater, less&z.ngtnlt;
21E8bli≸not less, greater&z.nltngt;
D977≍⃒not, vert, approximate
EE66≥⃒not, vert, greater-than-or-equal
EF45>⃒not, vert, greater-than
D9C2⤄not, vert, left and right double arrow
DB6A⧞not, vert, infinity
D9C3⤂not, vert, left double arrow
EE65≤⃒not, vert, less-than-or-equal
EF44<⃒not, vert, less-than
D978⊴⃒not, vert, left triangle, equals
D9C4⤃not, vert, right double arrow
D979⊵⃒not, vert, right triangle, equals
EEFE∼⃒not, vert, similar
D9C5bbc⤣NW arrow-hooked⤣
D9C6⇖NW pointing dbl arrow
D9C7bb5⤧NW & NE arrows⤧
DBD2bsk⨸divide in circle&z.odiv;
DBD3⦼dot, solidus, dot in circle
DB3A⦿filled circle in circle
𝔒Fraktur upper case o
𝔬Fraktur lower case o
DBD4⧁greater-than in circle
DBD5bs3⦵circle with horizontal bar&z.plims;
217D⦾large circle in circle