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D92F⪎greater, similar, equal
D930⪐greater, similar, less
D931⪧greater than, closed by curve
D932⩺greater than, circle inside
2141bmo⋗gtrdot R: greater than, with dotġ
D9EA⦕dbl left parenthesis, greater
D933⩼greater than, questionmark above
D934⥸greater than, right arrow
D9A8⥈left and right arrow with a circle
DBCBbte⊹hermitian conjugate matrix⊹
ℌFraktur upper case h
𝔥Fraktur lower case h
D9A9⇿horizontal open arrow
ℍopen face H
ℑFraktur upper case i
𝔦Fraktur lower case i
DB53bkz⧜infinity sign, incomplete&z.mstpos;
EBD0cd0℩inverted iota℩
EBC4bop⊷image of⊷
DB54⧝tie, infinity
226A∬double integral operator
DB55⨗integral, left arrow with hook
𝕀open face I
DB56⋵set membership, dot above
DB57⋹set membership, two horizontal strokes
DB58⋴set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
DB59⋳large set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
DB5A∈set membership, variant
𝔍Fraktur upper case j
𝔧Fraktur lower case j
00E5pfj&jnodot;jmath - small j, no dotȷjmath - small j, no dot
𝕁open face J
𝔎Fraktur upper case k
𝔨Fraktur lower case k
𝕂open face K
D843⦴circle, slash, left arrow above
2238bdb⟪left angle bracket, double&z.ldang;
D9EB⦑left angle, dot
2163bkg⪅less, approximate⪅
D9AA⤟left arrow-bar, filled square
D9AB⤝left arrow, filled square
D9AC⤹left arrow, plus
D9AD⥳left arrow, similar
D935⪫larger than
D9AE⤙left arrow-tail
D9AF⤛left double arrow-tail
D936⪭larger than or equal
D937⪭︀larger than or equal, slanted
D9B0⤌left broken arrow
D9B1⤎left doubly broken arrow
214C❲left broken bracket
D9EC⦋left bracket, equal
D9ED⦏left bracket, solidus bottom corner
D9EE⦍left bracket, solidus top corner
F0BEbcz⤶left down curved arrow&z.arrdl;
D9B2⥧left harpoon-down over right harpoon-down
D9B3⥋left-down-right-up harpoon
22EEbbx↲left down angled arrow
2174bkk⪋lesseqqgtr R: less, dbl eq, greater⪋less, dbl eq, greater⪋
D938⪨less than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
D939⩿less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
D93A⪁less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
D93B⪃less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above right
D93C⋚︀less, equal, slanted, greater
D93D⪓less, equal, slanted, greater, equal, slanted
D9B4bey⥼left fish tail⥼
𝔏Fraktur upper case l
𝔩Fraktur lower case l
D93E⪑less, greater, equal
D9B5⥢left harpoon-up over left harpoon-down
D9B6⥪left harpoon-up over long dash
D9B7⥫left harpoon-down below long dash
DBB3◺lower left triangle
21F6blg⪉lnapprox N: less, not approximate⪉less, not approximate⪉
21E2bld⪇lneq N: less, not equals⪇less, not equals⪇
2148⟬left open angular bracket
D9B8⇽left open arrow
214Abdc⟦left open bracket⟦
EB38bdd⦅left open parenthesis⟬
𝕃open face L
DBCDbst⨭plus sign in left half circle&z.oplusl;
DBCEbsu⨴multiply sign in left half circle&z.otimsl;
2217EB5D∗low asterisk∗low asterisk
D9EFbi7⦓O: left parenthesis, lt⦓
D9B9⥭right harpoon-down below long dash
DBB4⊿lower right triangle