Long description of a frameset rendered by the Accessible Browser Project

The image shows the Accessible Browser Project rendering a frameset of a slide presentation. Below the standard menu and button bars, there are two columns. The user is shown opening a menu in the menu bar entitled "5 Frames" (the number of frames in the frameset). The menu contains five menu items, each bearing the title of one of the five frames. The user is shown selecting the frame entitled "Presentation Outline," and the menu item has a check next to it.

The left column below lists the slides of the presentation. The column has an upper frame and a lower frame. In the upper frame, two buttons allow the user to change how much of the list of presentation slides is shown in the lower frame. The left button is an up arrow, indicating that less of the list should be shown; the right button is a down arrow, for expanding the list. In the lower frame, each slide is numbered, and the slide title is a link to the slide.

The right column is the presentation itself. The column has an upper, middle, and lower frame. In the upper frame are control buttons like those of a video cassette player: rewind to the beginning of the presentation, return to the previous slide, go to the next slide, go to the end of the presentation, and ask for help. The middle frame contains one of the slides, which reads "Time Value of Money. Chapter 6." The lower frame is empty and it's purpose is not clear from the image.

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