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WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format Change Summary

1 Change History (Non-Normative)

Changes are ordered by GitHub issue number.

1.1 Changes from WebVTT CR to WebVTT First Public Working Draft

Technical Changes

GitHub Issue Title
388 Clarify the "WebVTT cue settings list" definition.
389 Add a "User agents that do not support CSS" conformance class.
395 Add default color and background color names for applicable classes.
400 Region clarification issue 376
408 Turn long alt text into longdesc.
410 Add a paragraph about the reasons why limiting styles.
411 Update line height for lines in regions.
417 Unsigned long issue 414
418 Class override
419 Timeranges clarification
420 Cue setting clarifications
421 Computed position alignment
422 Don't make edge margins depend on aesthetics.
423 Region lines cannot be negative now that they are unsigned long.

Editorial Changes

GitHub Issue Title
390 Move definition of chapter title text
394 Add some explanatory text about the different types of VTT files.
396 Fix up algorithm markup and improve a bikeshed style.
398 Break up section 6 a bit more to make it more readable.
399 Clarify line cue setting specification.
407 Add code of conduct as proposed by plh
409 Add some introductory paragraphs to the Data model section.