Example of Dataset - Human-readable

This is the human-readable version of example used in the DWBP document.

The dataset description is based on following example:

John works for the Transport Agency of MyCity and he is in charge of the publication of data on the Web about bus timetables as well as real time data about the traffic of the city. John decides to create two datasets: one for the bus timetables and other one for the real time traffic data.

Some requirements that should be addressed:

  • The dataset for bus timetables must be available in two languages: english and portuguese;
  • Both datasets must be available in csv and json-ld formats;

Dataset description

Title Bus timetable of MyCity
Keywords transport, mobility, bus
Publication date 2015-05-05
Last modification 2015-05-05
Publisher Transport Agency MyCity
Contact point http://example.org/transport-agency/contact
Period that the dataset covers The British calendar year of 2014
Spatial coverage Fortaleza, Brazil
Frequency at the dataset is published Annual