Table 1: XMP

MAWG Relation XMP Attributes How to do the mapping Datatype XPath
ma:contributor dc:contributor  
ma:creator dc:creator  
ma:description dc:description  
ma:format dc:format  
ma:identifier dc:identifier  
ma:language dc:language  
ma:publisher dc:publisher  
ma:relation dc:relation  
ma:keyword dc:subject  
ma:title dc:title  
ma:genre dc:type  
ma:createDate xmp:CreateDate  
ma:rating xmp:Rating  
ma:collection xmpDM:album  
ma:duration xmpDM:duration  
ma:copyright xmpDM:copyright  
ma:location xmpDM:shotLocation  
ma:compression xmpDM:videoCompressor  
ma:frameSize xmpDM:videoFrameSize  

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