Here is the link to modify with a javascript action: Link to invoke JavaScript.

The anchor element on the page is given a unique id attribute. The href attribute of the anchor element should contain a valid URI that will perform the action on the server or will load a Web page that explains that JavaScript is required to interact with the site. A script uses the Document Object Model (DOM) to find the anchor element by its id and add the onclick handler to the anchor element. Note that the anchor element must be loaded into the DOM before it can be found and modified. This is usually accomplished by calling the script from the onload event of the body element. The script to add the onclick event handler will only execute if the user agent supports and has JavaScript enabled. The unmodified anchor element will be used if the user agent does not support JavaScript. Using JavaScript to add the action to the anchor element will ensure that the user is not confused by an unresponsive action if they load the Web page in a user agent which does not support JavaScript.