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Entity Declarations
XSLT 2 draft character map

NameUnicodeGlyphUnicode NameDescriptionAliases
aacute000E1U000E1LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTElatin small letter a with acute 
Aacute000C1U000C1LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH ACUTElatin capital letter A with acute 
acirc000E2U000E2LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin capital letter A with circumflex 
Acirc000C2U000C2LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin small letter a with circumflex 
acute000B4U000B4ACUTE ACCENTacute accent = spacing acuteDiacriticalAcute
aelig000E6U000E6LATIN SMALL LETTER AElatin small letter ae = latin small ligature ae 
AElig000C6U000C6LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AElatin capital letter AE = latin capital ligature AE 
agrave000E0U000E0LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH GRAVElatin small letter a with grave = latin small letter a grave 
Agrave000C0U000C0LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH GRAVElatin capital letter A with grave = latin capital letter A grave 
aring000E5U000E5LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVElatin small letter a with ring above = latin small letter a ring 
Aring000C5U000C5LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVElatin capital letter A with ring above = latin capital letter A ring 
atilde000E3U000E3LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH TILDElatin small letter a with tilde 
Atilde000C3U000C3LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH TILDElatin capital letter A with tilde 
auml000E4U000E4LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DIAERESISlatin small letter a with diaeresis 
Auml000C4U000C4LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH DIAERESISlatin capital letter A with diaeresis 
brvbar000A6U000A6BROKEN BARbroken bar = broken vertical bar 
ccedil000E7U000E7LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLAlatin small letter c with cedilla 
Ccedil000C7U000C7LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CEDILLAlatin capital letter C with cedilla 
cedil000B8U000B8CEDILLAcedilla = spacing cedillaCedilla
cent000A2U000A2CENT SIGNcent sign 
copy000A9U000A9COPYRIGHT SIGNcopyright sign 
curren000A4U000A4CURRENCY SIGNcurrency sign 
deg000B0U000B0DEGREE SIGNdegree sign 
divide000F7U000F7DIVISION SIGNdivision signdiv
eacute000E9U000E9LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTElatin small letter e with acute 
Eacute000C9U000C9LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH ACUTElatin capital letter E with acute 
ecirc000EAU000EALATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin small letter e with circumflex 
Ecirc000CAU000CALATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin capital letter E with circumflex 
egrave000E8U000E8LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH GRAVElatin small letter e with grave 
Egrave000C8U000C8LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH GRAVElatin capital letter E with grave 
eth000F0U000F0LATIN SMALL LETTER ETHlatin small letter eth 
ETH000D0U000D0LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ETHlatin capital letter ETH 
euml000EBU000EBLATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DIAERESISlatin small letter e with diaeresis 
Euml000CBU000CBLATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH DIAERESISlatin capital letter E with diaeresis 
frac12000BDU000BDVULGAR FRACTION ONE HALFvulgar fraction one half = fraction one half 
frac14000BCU000BCVULGAR FRACTION ONE QUARTERvulgar fraction one quarter = fraction one quarter 
frac34000BEU000BEVULGAR FRACTION THREE QUARTERSvulgar fraction three quarters = fraction three quarters 
iacute000EDU000EDLATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH ACUTElatin small letter i with acute 
Iacute000CDU000CDLATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH ACUTElatin capital letter I with acute 
icirc000EEU000EELATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin small letter i with circumflex 
Icirc000CEU000CELATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin capital letter I with circumflex 
iexcl000A1U000A1INVERTED EXCLAMATION MARKinverted exclamation mark 
igrave000ECU000ECLATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH GRAVElatin small letter i with grave 
Igrave000CCU000CCLATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH GRAVElatin capital letter I with grave 
iquest000BFU000BFINVERTED QUESTION MARKinverted question mark = turned question mark 
iuml000EFU000EFLATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH DIAERESISlatin small letter i with diaeresis 
Iuml000CFU000CFLATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH DIAERESISlatin capital letter I with diaeresis 
laquo000ABU000ABLEFT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARKleft-pointing double angle quotation mark = left pointing guillemet 
macr000AFU000AFMACRONmacron = spacing macron = overline = APL overbar 
micro000B5U000B5MICRO SIGNmicro sign 
middot000B7U000B7MIDDLE DOTmiddle dot = Georgian comma = Greek middle dotcenterdot, CenterDot
nbsp000A0U000A0NO-BREAK SPACEno-break space = non-breaking spaceNonBreakingSpace
not000ACU000ACNOT SIGNnot sign 
ntilde000F1U000F1LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH TILDElatin small letter n with tilde 
Ntilde000D1U000D1LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH TILDElatin capital letter N with tilde 
oacute000F3U000F3LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH ACUTElatin small letter o with acute 
Oacute000D3U000D3LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH ACUTElatin capital letter O with acute 
ocirc000F4U000F4LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin small letter o with circumflex 
Ocirc000D4U000D4LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin capital letter O with circumflex 
ograve000F2U000F2LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH GRAVElatin small letter o with grave 
Ograve000D2U000D2LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH GRAVElatin capital letter O with grave 
ordf000AAU000AAFEMININE ORDINAL INDICATORfeminine ordinal indicator 
ordm000BAU000BAMASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATORmasculine ordinal indicator 
oslash000F8U000F8LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKElatin small letter o with stroke, = latin small letter o slash, 
Oslash000D8U000D8LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH STROKElatin capital letter O with stroke = latin capital letter O slash 
otilde000F5U000F5LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH TILDElatin small letter o with tilde 
Otilde000D5U000D5LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH TILDElatin capital letter O with tilde 
ouml000F6U000F6LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESISlatin small letter o with diaeresis 
Ouml000D6U000D6LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH DIAERESISlatin capital letter O with diaeresis 
para000B6U000B6PILCROW SIGNpilcrow sign = paragraph sign 
plusmn000B1U000B1PLUS-MINUS SIGNplus-minus sign = plus-or-minus signpm, PlusMinus
pound000A3U000A3POUND SIGNpound sign 
raquo000BBU000BBRIGHT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARKright-pointing double angle quotation mark = right pointing guillemet 
reg000AEU000AEREGISTERED SIGNregistered sign = registered trade mark signcircledR
sect000A7U000A7SECTION SIGNsection sign 
shy000ADU000ADSOFT HYPHENsoft hyphen = discretionary hyphen 
sup1000B9U000B9SUPERSCRIPT ONEsuperscript one = superscript digit one 
sup2000B2U000B2SUPERSCRIPT TWOsuperscript two = superscript digit two = squared 
sup3000B3U000B3SUPERSCRIPT THREEsuperscript three = superscript digit three = cubed 
szlig000DFU000DFLATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP Slatin small letter sharp s = ess-zed 
thorn000FEU000FELATIN SMALL LETTER THORNlatin small letter thorn with 
times000D7U000D7MULTIPLICATION SIGNmultiplication sign 
uacute000FAU000FALATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH ACUTElatin small letter u with acute 
Uacute000DAU000DALATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH ACUTElatin capital letter U with acute 
ucirc000FBU000FBLATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin small letter u with circumflex 
Ucirc000DBU000DBLATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH CIRCUMFLEXlatin capital letter U with circumflex 
ugrave000F9U000F9LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH GRAVElatin small letter u with grave 
Ugrave000D9U000D9LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH GRAVElatin capital letter U with grave 
uml000A8U000A8DIAERESISdiaeresis = spacing diaeresisDoubleDot
uuml000FCU000FCLATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESISlatin small letter u with diaeresis 
Uuml000DCU000DCLATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH DIAERESISlatin capital letter U with diaeresis 
yacute000FDU000FDLATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH ACUTElatin small letter y with acute 
Yacute000DDU000DDLATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH ACUTElatin capital letter Y with acute 
yen000A5U000A5YEN SIGNyen sign = yuan sign 
yuml000FFU000FFLATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESISlatin small letter y with diaeresis