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Entity Declarations
XSLT 2 draft character map

NameUnicodeGlyphUnicode NameDescriptionAliases
aacgr003ACU003ACGREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA WITH TONOS=small alpha, accent, Greek 
Aacgr00386U00386GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ALPHA WITH TONOS=capital Alpha, accent, Greek 
eacgr003ADU003ADGREEK SMALL LETTER EPSILON WITH TONOS=small epsilon, accent, Greek 
Eacgr00388U00388GREEK CAPITAL LETTER EPSILON WITH TONOS=capital Epsilon, accent, Greek 
eeacgr003AEU003AEGREEK SMALL LETTER ETA WITH TONOS=small eta, accent, Greek 
EEacgr00389U00389GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ETA WITH TONOS=capital Eta, accent, Greek 
iacgr003AFU003AFGREEK SMALL LETTER IOTA WITH TONOS=small iota, accent, Greek 
Iacgr0038AU0038AGREEK CAPITAL LETTER IOTA WITH TONOS=capital Iota, accent, Greek 
idiagr00390U00390GREEK SMALL LETTER IOTA WITH DIALYTIKA AND TONOS=small iota, dieresis, accent, Greek 
idigr003CAU003CAGREEK SMALL LETTER IOTA WITH DIALYTIKA=small iota, dieresis, Greek 
Idigr003AAU003AAGREEK CAPITAL LETTER IOTA WITH DIALYTIKA=capital Iota, dieresis, Greek 
oacgr003CCU003CCGREEK SMALL LETTER OMICRON WITH TONOS=small omicron, accent, Greek 
Oacgr0038CU0038CGREEK CAPITAL LETTER OMICRON WITH TONOS=capital Omicron, accent, Greek 
ohacgr003CEU003CEGREEK SMALL LETTER OMEGA WITH TONOS=small omega, accent, Greek 
OHacgr0038FU0038FGREEK CAPITAL LETTER OMEGA WITH TONOS=capital Omega, accent, Greek 
uacgr003CDU003CDGREEK SMALL LETTER UPSILON WITH TONOS=small upsilon, accent, Greek 
Uacgr0038EU0038EGREEK CAPITAL LETTER UPSILON WITH TONOS=capital Upsilon, accent, Greek 
udiagr003B0U003B0GREEK SMALL LETTER UPSILON WITH DIALYTIKA AND TONOS=small upsilon, dieresis, accent, Greek 
udigr003CBU003CBGREEK SMALL LETTER UPSILON WITH DIALYTIKA=small upsilon, dieresis, Greek 
Udigr003ABU003ABGREEK CAPITAL LETTER UPSILON WITH DIALYTIKA=capital Upsilon, dieresis, Greek