Guide to Guideline 2.1 Level 1 Success Criterion 1

2.1 L1 SC1

Key terms and important concepts


Performs or is able to perform one or more actions in response to user input.

keyboard interface

On devices that do not have a built-in or attached keyboard, there is often an alternate method for connecting a keyboard to the device for the purpose of generating text or an internal method for generating text. Allowing control via the "keyboard interface" means that the content could be controlled through commands issued from the keyboard or by alternate methods that are capable of generating text as if a keyboard had been used.

Intent of this success criterion

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Technology-Independent techniques for Guideline 2.1 L1 SC1





Technology-Specific Techniques for Guideline 2.1 L1 SC1


Benefits: How Guideline 2.1 L1 SC1 helps people with disabilities

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Examples of Guideline 2.1 L1 SC1

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