SVG 1.2 - 27 October 2004

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2 Profiling SVG

The creation of SVG Viewers which correspond to profiles other than Tiny, Basic, or Full is discouraged; experience in SVG and other formats shows that proliferation of viewers with subtly differing capabilities is a hindrance to interoperability.

Sometimes, vertically-focused industries can improve interoperability by defining and clearly documenting an industry-specific profile which uses an existing baseProfile as a starting point.

On the other hand, creation of particular profiles for different types of content authoring is encouraged, provided the baseProfile is set appropriately to the closest standard profile which is a true superset of the authoring profile. Use of such documented profiles can aid interchange of graphical assets between authoring tools.

As an example, a profile aimed at technical illustration might be based on SVG Basic, omit filter effects, and retain animation and scripting to allow for interactive diagrams. A profile for interchange of graphics arts assets might be based on Full, retain filter effects, and omit animation, scripting, and foreignObject - thus ensuring that graphics conforming to that profile can be easily edited in a variety of graphical editors.