0. XHTML Target Module

This section is normative.

The content of a frame can specify destination targets for a selection. This module adds the target attribute to the area and link defining elements. This is defined as a separate module so it can be included in documents that will be included in frames and documents that use the target feature to open a new window.

Elements Attributes Notes
a& target (CDATA)  
link& target (CDATA) When the Link Module is selected.
form& target (CDATA) When the Forms module is selected.

Implementation: DTD

target = HrefTarget
This attribute identifies an environment that will act as the destination for a resource identified by a hyperlink when it is activated.

This specification does not define how this attribute gets used, since that is defined by the environment that the hyperlink is actuated in. See for instance XFrames [XFRAMES].


<a href="home.html" target="main">Home</a>