1. Introduction


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1.1. Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to describe a modularization framework for languages within the XHTML Namespace using XML Schema [XMLSCHEMA].

The Modularization of XHTML [XHTMLMOD] specifies well-defined sets of abstract modules that can be combined and extended allowing the creation of a new XHTML-family document types that are portable among XHTML-family user agents. This document provides XML Schema implementation of the abstract modules defined in Modularization of XHTML [XHTMLMOD]. In addition to the schema modules themselves, the framework presented here describes a means of further extending and modifying XHTML.

To a large extent, the modularization framework presented here attempts to duplicate the modularization concepts used in XHTMLMOD. Here and throughout this document, the term "XHTMLMOD" is used to refer to [XHTMLMOD]).