31 March 2003

Appendix B: Changes

Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C

B.1: Changes between DOM Level 2 Events and DOM Level 3 Events

This new specification provides a better separation between the DOM even flow, the event types, and the DOM interfaces.

B.1.1: Changes to DOM Level 2 event flow

This new specification introduced two new concepts in the event flow:

  • event groups: unlike DOM Level 2 Events, stopPropagation does no longer stop the event propagation entirely. It only stops it for a given event group.
  • partial ordering of event listeners: within an event group, event listeners are now ordered while ordering was unspecified in DOM Level 2 Events.

B.1.2: Changes to DOM Level 2 event types

Lots of clarifications have been made on the event types. The conformance is now explicitly defined against the event types, and not only the interfaces required by the event types. Support for namespaces and the feature "BasicEvents" have been introduced.

The DOM Level 2 Event load event type can now be dispatched to more [HTML 4.01] elements. blur and focus have been clarified and restricted to [HTML 4.01] applications only.

B.1.3: Changes to DOM Level 2 Events interfaces

Interface Event
The Event interface has a new attribute namespaceURI, and a four new methods: isDefaultPrevented, isCustom, stopImmediatePropagation, isPropagationStopped, initEventNS.
Interface EventTarget
The EventTarget interface has four new methods: addEventListenerNS, removeEventListenerNS, willTriggerNS, hasEventListenerNS.
Interface DocumentEvent
The Event interface has one new method: canDispatch.
Interface UIEvent
The UIEvent interface has a new method initUIEventNS.
Interface MouseEvent
The MouseEvent interface has a new method initMouseEventNS and a new attribute altGraphKey.
Interface MutationEvent
The MutationEvent interface has a new method initMutationEventNS.
Exception EventException
The DISPATCH_REQUEST_ERR constant has been added.

B.1.4: New Interfaces

The interfaces CustomEvent, TextEvent, KeyboardEvent, and MutationNameEvent were added to the Events module.