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Section# Section Title Section Title (ja) Req for CSS? Related CSS modules CSS status 0-3 browser status 0-3 Note
2 Basics of Japanese Composition 日本語組版の基本
2.1 Characters and the Principles of Setting them for Japanese Composition 日本語組版に使用する文字と配置の原則 not a CSS issue
2.2 Page Formats for Japanese Documents 日本語文書の基本となる組体裁 yes CSS2, Paged Media, Multi-column, Line Grid 2 1
2.3 Vertical Writing Mode and Horizontal Writing Mode 組方向(縦組と横組) yes Writing Modes 3 3
2.4 Specifying the Kihon-hanmen 基本版面の設計 yes CSS2, Paged Media, Multi-column, Line Grid 2 1
2.5 Page wise Arrangement of Kihon-hanmen Elements 基本版面の設計要素の各ページに対する適用 yes Line Grid 1 0
2.6 Running Heads and Page Numbers 柱とノンブル yes Paged Media, Generated Content 2 0
3 Line Composition 行の組版処理
3.1 Line Composition Rules for Punctuation Marks 約物などの組版処理
3.1.1 Differences in Vertical and Horizontal Composition in Use of Punctuation Marks 縦組と横組で異なる約物など not a CSS issue
3.1.2 Positioning of Punctuation Marks (Commas, Periods and Brackets) 句読点や,括弧類などの基本的な配置方法 possible with plain text
3.1.3 Exceptional Positioning of Ideographic Comma and Katakana Middle Dot 読点及び中点の例外的な配置方法 maybe
3.1.4 Positioning of Consecutive Opening Brackets, Closing Brackets, Commas, Full Stops and Middle Dots 始め括弧類,終わり括弧類,読点類,句点類及び​中点類が​連続する​場合の​配置方法 yes Text 4 1 0 text-spacing
3.1.5 Positioning of Opening Brackets at Line Head 行頭の​始め括弧類の​配置方法 yes Text 4 1 0 text-spacing
3.1.6 Positioning of Dividing Punctuation Marks (Question Mark and Exclamation Mark) and Hyphens 区切り約物及びハイフン類の配置方法 maybe
3.1.7 Characters Not Starting a Line 行頭禁則 yes Text 2 2 line-break
3.1.8 Characters Not Ending a Line 行末禁則 yes Text 2 2 line-break
3.1.9 Positioning of Closing Brackets, Full Stops, Commas and Middle Dots at Line End 行末に配置する終わり括弧類,句点類,読点類及び​中点類の​配置方法 yes Text 4 1 0 text-spacing
3.1.10 Unbreakable Character Sequences 分割禁止 yes Text 2 1 Line Breaking Details
3.1.11 Character Sequences which Do Not Allow Space Insertion as Part of Line Adjustment Processing 行の調整処理で​字間を​空ける処理に​使用しない箇所 yes Text 2 0 Handling Symbols and Punctuation
3.1.12 Examples of Line Adjustment 行の調整処理例 See 3.8
3.2 Japanese and Western Mixed Text Composition (including Horizontal-in-Vertical Text Composition) 和欧文混植処理(縦中横処理を含む)
3.2.1 Composition of Japanese and Western Mixed Texts 和文と欧文との混植
3.2.2 Mixed Text Composition in Horizontal Writing Mode 横組の和欧文混植に用いる文字
3.2.3 Mixed Text Composition in Vertical Writing Mode 縦組の和欧文混植に用いる文字
3.2.4 Method for Setting Full-width Latin Letters and European Numerals 全角のモノスペースの欧字及び​全角の​モノスペースの​アラビア数字の​配置方法 yes Text 2 2
3.2.5 Handling of Tate-chu-yoko (Horizontal-in-Vertical Settings) 縦中横の処理 yes Writing Modes 2 2 text-combine-upright
3.2.6 Handling of Western Text in Japanese Text using Proportional Western Fonts プロポーショナルな​欧字を用いた​和欧文混植処理 yes Text, Text 4 2 1 text-spacing
3.3 Ruby and Emphasis Dots ルビと圏点処理
3.3.1 Usage of Ruby ルビの使用
3.3.2 Choice of Base Characters to be Annotated by Ruby ルビの付け方
3.3.3 Choice of Size for Ruby Characters ルビの文字サイズ yes Ruby 2 2
3.3.4 Choice of Sides for Ruby with Respect to Base Characters 親文字のどちら側にルビを付けるか yes Ruby 2 1 ruby-position
See test results
3.3.5 Positioning of Mono-ruby with Respect to Base Characters モノルビの親文字に対する配置位置 yes Ruby 2 0 ruby-align
3.3.6 Positioning of Group-ruby with Respect to Base Characters グループルビの親文字に対する配置位置 yes Ruby 2 0 ruby-align
3.3.7 Positioning of Jukugo-ruby with Respect to Base Characters 熟語ルビの親文字に対する配置位置 yes Ruby 2 0 ruby-merge, ruby-align
3.3.8 Adjustments of Ruby with Length Longer than that of the Base Characters ルビが親文字よりはみ出した場合の処理 yes Ruby 2 1 Overhanging Ruby
3.3.9 Composition of Emphasis Dots 圏点の処理 yes Text Decoration 3 2 text-emphasis
3.4 Inline Cutting Note (Warichu) 割注処理 maybe
3.5 Paragraph Adjustment Rules 段落整形,そろえ及び段落末尾処理
3.5.1 Line Head Indent at the Beginning of Paragraphs 段落先頭行の字下げ yes CSS2 3 3 text-indent
3.5.2 Line Head Indent and Line End Indent 字下げと字上げ yes CSS2 3 3 margin
3.5.3 Single Line Alignment Processing そろえの処理 yes Text 2 2 text-align-last
3.5.4 Widow Adjustment of Paragraphs 段落末尾処理 yes Text 4 1 0 Last Line Minimum Length
3.6 Tab Setting タブ処理 maybe
3.7 Other Rules of Japanese Typesetting その他の行組版処理
3.7.1 Superscripts and Superscripts 添え字処理 yes CSS2 3 3 vertical-align: super/sub
3.7.2 Furiwake Processing 振分け処理 maybe
3.7.3 Jidori Processing 字取り処理 yes Text 1 1 maybe possible with text-align-last
3.7.4 Processing of Math Symbols and Math Operators 等号類と演算記号の処理 maybe
3.8 Line Adjustment 行の調整処理 yes Text 2 1 Justification Method, text-justify
3.9 About Character Classes 文字クラスについて
3.9.1 Differences in Positioning of Characters and Symbols 文字・記号により振る舞い方は異なる
3.9.2 Grouping of Characters and Symbols depending on their Positioning 文字・記号を振る舞い方により分ける
3.9.3 Positioning Methods for each Character Class 各文字クラスの配置方法 yes Text 2 1 Line Breaking Details, Justification Method
4 Positioning of Headings, Notes, Illustrations, Tables and Paragraphs 見出し・注・図版・表・段落の配置処理
4.1 Handling of Headings (including Page Breaks) 見出し処理(改ページ処理も含む)
4.1.1 Types of Headings 見出しの種類
4.1.2 Elements of Block Heading 別行見出しの構成
4.1.3 Font Selection and Heading Font Size 見出しにアクセントを付ける
4.1.4 How to Handle Headings with New Recto, Page Break and New Column 改丁・改ページ・改段処理 yes Paged Media, Multi-column, Fragmentation 2 0 break-before, break-after
4.1.5 Handling of Spaces just before the New Recto, Page Breaks and New Edges 改ページ等の直前ページの処理 yes Paged Media, Multi-column, Fragmentation 2 0 break-before, break-after, column-fill
4.1.6 Processing of Gyou-dori 行取りの処理例 yes Line Grid 1 0
4.1.7 Processing of Gyou-dori Heading Set at the bottom of the Page 行取り処理した見出しがページ末にきた場合の処理 yes Paged Media, Fragmentation 1 0
4.1.8 Processing when a One Line Space is Set Before a Low Level Heading 小見出しの前を1行アキにした場合の処理 yes Paged Media, Fragmentation 1 0
4.1.9 Processing of Run-in Headings 同行見出しの処理 yes Display 2 0 run-in, or maybe possible with other ways
4.1.10 Processing of Cut-in Headings 窓見出しの処理 yes 1 1 maybe possible with float
4.1.11 Processing of Column Spanning Headings 段抜きの見出しの処理 yes Multi-column 1 1 column-span: all (other values will be defined at Level 2)
4.2 Processing of Notes 注の処理 yes Generated Content for Paged Media 1 0 Footnotes, Sidenotes
4.3 Positioning of Illustrations 図版の配置処理 yes Page Floats 1 0
4.4 Processing of Tables 表の処理
4.4.1 Elements of Tables 表の構成 yes CSS2, Table 2 2
4.4.2 Direction of Tables Themselves 表の全体の組方向 yes Writing Modes 2 2
4.4.3 An Example of Layout with a Table 表を配置した例
4.4.4 Kinds of Tables from Allocation to Page Position ページへの配置からみた表の種類 yes Page Floats 1 0
4.4.5 Processing of Tables Allocated in a Spread 見開きに配置する表の処理 yes 0 0
4.4.6 Processing of Dividable Tables 分割を可とする表の処理 yes Table, Fragmentation 1 0
4.5 Block Direction Setting Process of Lines, Paragraphs etc. 行・段落などの行送り方向の配置処理 yes Line Grid 1 0