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W3C member Microsoft Corporation hereby submits to the Consortium the following specification comprising the document(s) linked below:

  1. HTML Components - Componentizing Web Applications

which collectively are referred to as "the submission". We request the submission be known as the "HTML Components" submission.


The growth of HTML with scripting as an application platform has exploded recently.   One limiting factor of this growth is that there is no way to formalize the services that an HTML application can provide, or to allow them to be reused as components in another HTML page or application.  HTML Components address this shortcoming; an HTML Component (HTC for short) provides a mechanism for reusable encapsulation of a component implemented in HTML, stylesheets and script.

Componentization is a powerful paradigm that allows component users to build applications using 'building blocks' of functionality without having to implement those building blocks themselves, or necessarily understand how the building works in fine detail.  This method makes building complex applications easier by breaking them down into more manageable chunks and allowing the building blocks to be reused in other applications.  HTML Components brings this powerful development method to Web applications. 

Intellectual property Rights

Declaration of Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft agrees that, upon adoption of this contribution as a W3C Recommendation, any W3C member will be able to obtain a license from Microsoft to implement and use the technology described in this contribution for the purposes of supporting the W3C Recommendation on a royalty-free basis. One condition of this license shall be the party's agreement to not assert patent rights against Microsoft and other companies for their implementation of the W3C Recommendation. Microsoft expressly reserves all other rights it may have in the material and subject matter of this contribution.

Microsoft expressly disclaims any and all warranties regarding this contribution including any warranty that this contribution does not violate the rights of others or is fit for a particular purpose.


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Suggested action

We suggest that the W3C HTML Working Group  (in coordination with DOM Working Group and CSS Working Group) take up this submission. This working group should work through the open issues, including those explicitly identified in the submission, finalize the specification and then submit the finalized specification as a Recommendation. 


To help with this work, we expect to be able to provide technical editing assistance to the Consortium.

Change control

Should any changes be required to the document, we would expect future versions to be produced by W3C process.


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this 2nd day of October, 1998,