Kyoto Forum
on the Future CSS Asian text Layout

Kyoto, Japan, 1 June 2011

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1 June 2011 09:40-17:40


Kyoto Research Park

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This Kyoto forum will be held with the hope that becoming a good opportunity for exchanging opinions between CSS WG members and the stakeholder for Asian Text Layout.
Prior to Kyoto forum, "Text Layout for the Next Generation Web Browser Working Group" will convene the conference at Tokyo and will discuss many issues and requirements about Japanese/Asian vertical layout( Tokyo forum day : 30th May, 2011). This Tokyo forum will mainly consist of Asian stakeholders.
After that, feedback of Tokyo forum and technical discussion with CSS WG members will be made at Kyoto forum.

Tokyo forum : 30th May, 2011 (Translation service will NOT be provived)
Kyoto forum : 1st June, 2011 (Translation service from Japanese into English will be provived)

Goal and purpose

The goal of this forum is providing an opportunity to CSS community people and let them directly talk with the CSS WG participants so that both the group participants and community people can have better mutual understanding and greater interest in each other's work.
Also considering what kind of organization and/or mechanism would better fit updating the existing CSS specifications.

Organizing Committee Members

Text Layout for the Next Generation Web Browser Working Group


Co-Sponsors (alphabetical)


Please contact if you have any questions.


Time Table

09:40-09:45 Opening Talk
speaker : Junichi Kishigami(NTT Cyber Solutions Labs)
09:45-10:55 Session1
Future vision for the Japanese CSS layout - Web and e-publishing -
speaker : Koji Ishii(W3C CSS WG Editor) [slides], Nat McCully(Adobe Systems Inc.) [slides]
11:05-12:15 Session2
KUMIHAN project
speaker : Masaki Yamabe(Alliance Port, LLC)
Lunch meeting
Luncheon(tables will be divided on each topics)
All participants can attend for free.
13:45-14:55 Session3
Speech about e-publishing business from Japanese UE vendor
speaker : Keitaro Hanada(Sharp Corporation) [slides]
15:05-16:15 Session4
Feedback of Tokyo forum about standardization issues regarding with e-books and characters
speaker : Taichi Kawabata(NTT) [slides]
16:25-17:35 Session5
Feedback of Tokyo forum about Japanese vertical layout issues regarding with Web designing
speaker : Kazuyuki Ashimura(W3C/Keio)
17:35-17:40 Closing Talk
speaker : Koji Ishii(W3C CSS WG Editor)

The forum will be mainly conducted in Japanese. Translation service from Japanese into English will be provided.


6/1 Main Session Room2 Conference Room, 2F, Building 4, West Area
Room’s cap. is approximately 100 people
Luncheon Atrium Open Space, 1F, Building 1, East Area

These sites are Japanese version only.

Dress Code

Informal / Casual


Please register for the meeting by sending e-mail to
The subject of registration mail must be REGISTER_KYOTO.

Registration will be closed when we have full participants.

General Information


Kyoto Research Park

Time Zone

UTC + 9 hours, no summer time


Kansai International Airport (KIX) (Recommended)

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is suggested as the most convenient airport for participants from outside Japan.

By Train
Take the Airport express "Haruka" JR west at Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station (approx. 75 minutes,) 2,980 JPY.
By Bus
Take the Airport Limousine at Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station (approx. 95 minutes,) 2,500 JPY.
By Taxi
Approx. 120 minutes, 32,000 JPY.

See also: Access to Kyoto and KRP

Osaka Itami Airport (ITM)

Flights from airports in the Tokyo area, including Narita and Haneda, arrive at ITM about once an hour. From ITM, take a limousine bus or shuttle taxi, which takes 55 minutes to Kyoto Station.

See also:


100V, 60Hz. The power plug has two flat, parallel blades, usually ungrounded only.


WiFi will be provided.



Hotel Granvia Kyoto11,000~
Kyoto Century Hotel5,200~
Hotel New Hankyu Kyoto9,000~
Hotel Hokke Club Kyoto7,350~
APA Hotel Kyoto Ekimae6,000~
APA Hotel Kyoto Eki Horikawadori5,500~
Rihga Royal Hotel, Kyoto7,000~
New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto7,800~
Kyoto Tokyu Hotel6,700~
ANA Hotel Kyoto13,700~
Hyatt Regency Kyoto12,000~

Japanese Ryokan and others

Kyoto Ryokan Heianbo5,500~
Ryokan Sanki4,500~
Kagariya Guest House2,500~
nine hours(capsule hotel)400/1h~

Note: These are the minimum single room/single person rates which could be quickly checked on the web.
Before you make reservation, please contact each hotel and ask for details.


Show larger map: Kyoto Guides

Reference Information: The 91st MPEG Kyoto Meeting