Cascading HTML style sheets -- a proposal

H&kon W Lie (
Mon, 10 Oct 1994 15:44:43 --100

A proposal for an HTML style sheet scheme is available from

>From the abstract:


This document proposes a style sheet scheme for HTML documents.
The proposed scheme provides a simple mapping between HTML
elements and presentation hints. Properties like font family
and window size can be suggested by the style sheet, and it can
also provide logic to make presentation decisions based on the
user's environment; e.g. the size of the screen or the current

The style sheet scheme is designed so that style sheets can be
cascaded; the user specifies initial preferences and hands the
remaining influence over to the style sheets referenced in the
incoming document. This will provide publishers with stylistic
influence without resorting to page description languages.

The scheme supports visual as well as non-visual media.

Comments are solicited.