CSS2.1 Conformance Test Suite

This is a development version of the CSS2.1 Conformance Test Suite.

It is woefully incomplete and contains many incorrect tests. Please check the latest version of the CSS2.1 specification before assuming a failure is due to an implementation bug and not a test suite bug.

In time we hope to correct all errors and extend this test suite to cover all of CSS2.1. Your help is welcome in this effort. The appropriate mailing list for submitting tests and bug reports is public-css-testsuite@w3.org. More information on the contribution process and test guidelines is available on the wiki page.

Tests are currently available in three formats:

XHTML 1.1 tests sent as application/xhtml+xml
HTML 4.01
HTML 4.01 tests sent as text/html
XHTML 1.1 for Printers
XHTML 1.1 tests with all images converted from PNG to JPEG and formatted with headers and footers to ease testing of embedded printer software. This is not a canonical format, and some tests may fail due to the format conversion that would otherwise pass in the above XHTML 1.1 format.

Note that many of the tests require the Ahem font to be installed. The tests that require this are marked with an 'a' at the end of the filename, after the test type classification. Without the Ahem font installed, these tests are of no value.

Most of the test suite makes the following assumptions:

In addition, some of the tests make one or more of the following assumptions:

The tests that need these assumptions to be true have not yet been marked, but it is likely that we will add a way to identify these tests in due course.


Many thanks to the following for their contributions:

...and all the contributors to the CSS1 test suite.