Time What Presenter
Monday, December 10th
8:30 AM Registration / Settling Program Committee / W3C Staff
9:00 AM Welcome and Procedural Wendy Seltzer
9:30 AM Understanding Verifiable Credentials Dan Burnett
9:50 AM Understanding DIDs Kim Duffy
10:10 AM Understanding DID Auth Markus Sabadello
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Understanding WebAuthn, CTAP, EAT, FIDO and Authenticators Tony Nadalin

Dirk Balfanz

Rae Hayward

11:30 AM Understanding JWT/CWT, OpenID, and related ecosystem John Bradley

Mike Jones

Aaron Parecki

11:50 AM Explanation of Breakout Sessions (Goals/Output) Kaliya Young
12:10 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Breakout #1: Positions on Presented Technologies / Concerns / Potential Work Items All
2:00 PM Breakout #2: Positions on Presented Technologies / Concerns / Potential Work Items All
2:30 PM Report Out to Entire Group on Concerns and Potential Work Items Kaliya Young
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Market Verticals - Understanding current and future problems

* Government - Peter Watkins

* Healthcare - Allen Brown

* Supply Chain - Jim Masloski

* Legal - Scott David

* Once upon a time - John Fontana

4:30 PM Wrap up / Agenda Gardening Wendy Seltzer
5:00 PM Close
Afterhours: Zeitgeist of concerns and potential work items Program Committee
6:00 PM Group Dinner On Campus -
Tuesday, December 11th
9:00 AM Procedural / Agenda Gardening Wendy Seltzer
9:30 AM Dot voting: Concerns and Potential Work Items Kaliya - All
9:45 AM Exploring Cultural and Economic Perspectives Takashi Minamii

Shigeya Suzuki

Pindar Wong

10:15 AM Avoiding mistakes and minefields Jeff Hodges
Trusted ID Mary Hodder

Tom Jones

10:45 AM Morning Break
12:00 PM Lunch
2:15 PM 5 Year Roadmap: DIDs, VCs, and Attestations Christopher Allen

Mathias Brossard

Greg Kidd

2:45 PM 5 Year Roadmap: Authenticators John Bradley

John Callahan

Marie Lathière

1:30 PM Entire Group: Discussion Wendy Seltzer - All
2:00 PM Afternoon Break
3:45 PM Breakouts
4:00 PM Finish