Workshop Outcomes

At the beginning of the second day of the workshop, the co-chairs presented a summary of issues raised during first-day breakout sessions. The intention of the summary was to identify common themes. This presentation led into a plenary discussion, with the goal of determining what items might be missing or misstated in the above summary. This discussion grouped standardization areas according to likely overlap in the people interested in discussing each, as follows:

We then spent the remainder of the workshop in three breakout sessions, working over these ideas further and organizing the groups' thinking so that the session chairs could write summaries. Below we summarize the results of each session. Note that the actual topics covered by each of these sessions diverged somewhat from the above three themes, by focusing on a subset of their "assigned" topics and expanding to include some related topics.

In addition, below we include summaries of workshop-wide Z39.50 discussions, and of two Birds-Of-A-Feather (BOF) sessions:

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