BER Basic Encoding Rules (ISO)
BOF Birds Of a Feather (informal discussion session)
DISW Distributed Indexing and Searching Workshop (this workshop)
EID Engine Identifier
GILS Government Information Locator Service
PICS Platform for Internet Content Selections (content rating standard)
RDM Resource Description Message (Netscape extension/wrapper to SOIF)
REP Robot Exclusion Protocol (aka "robots.txt", aka SRE)
RFC Request For Comments
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language (ISO standard)
SOIF Summary Object Interchange Format (defined by the Harvest Project)
SRE Standard for Robot Exclusion (aka "robots.txt", aka REP)
TREC Text Retrieval Conference (e.g., here's a recent Call For Participation)
URC Uniform Resource Characteristics (IETF)
URI Uniform Resource Identifier (IETF. Also, Upper Respiratory Infection)
URN Uniform Resource Name (IETF)
VSL Virtual Software Library (c|net)
Z39.50 ISO application layer standard for network information retrieval

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