[Note from QAWG issues editor: These Last Call (Intro, OpsGL, SpecGL) comments, as well as General and TestGL comments, were received from DI WG on 20030314. Following is the comments body of the message, modified only to add a label and anchor on each comment. -LH.]

Thank you to Olivier Thereaux for visiting the 3/2003 DIWG f2f meeting and presenting to us the work of the QA group.

Our feedback to your work is made out of two parts. The first part recapitulates the points that were brought up in our f2f meeting. In it we respond to you as a group. In the second part we respond to your documents.

General Comments to the QA Working Group

Feedback Relating to the QA Documents


All QA framework Documents: Motivation

Examples and Techniques

QA Framework: Introduction: Motivation

QA Framework: Introduction: Target Audience – The Working Groups

QA Framework: Specifications Guidelines

QA Framework: Test Guidelines

We would like to close with appreciation to the importance of your work and with hope that it will help to improve the quality of the W3C deliverables and their uniformity as well as provide the working groups with tools for better and more efficient work.

Shlomit Ritz Finkelstein on behalf of the Device Independence WG.