Object element Example: Insert an java applet file

This example is part of the article Add Multimedia to your Web documents, part 2.

You can include a Java applet that displays a clock. The content model of the object element contains a child element called param that will help you to set different parameters to control the internal behaviour of the object. Once again, you can have an alternate text that explains the purpose of the Java applet.

<object id="obj1"
    <param  name="delay"   value="100"/>
    <param  name="link"    value="http://www.example.com/"/>
    <param  name="border"  value="5"/>
    <param  name="nradius" value="80"/>
    <param  name="cfont"   value="TimesRoman|BOLD|18"/>
    <param  name="bgcolor" value="ddddff"/>
    <param  name="shcolor" value="ff0000"/>
    <param  name="mhcolor" value="00ff00"/>
    <param  name="hhcolor" value="0000ff"/>
    <param  name="ccolor"  value="dddddd"/>
    <param  name="ncolor"  value="000000"/>
    <em>alternate text</em>