Summary of Test Runs with Automatic Generated Xplots

The following data is a compilation of tcpdumps taken with different client/server combinations. Each testrun generates three data sets: HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, and HTTP pipelining.

Naming Scheme

The names of the runs are named as follows:
J stands for jigsaw and A stands for Apache. The number is for us to keep track of which version of each we are trying.
H stands for high (for example a LAN) and L stands for low, for example PPP
H stands for high latency, for example WAN) and L stands for low, for example LAN
These are the suffixes used: http-10 is plain HTTP/1.0, http-11 is without pipelining, http-11-pl is with pipelining, and http-11-pl-zip is HTTP/1.1 with pipelining and deflate content encoding.
Each combination is run 5 times and each run consists of a first time retrieval followed by a cache validation. That is in all 10 times pr combination. We use this for naming the results: As an example, take the following name:

Data Summary

The data is furthur summarized at the end of this file.

  • A1-LH-top-11

  • A1-LH-top-11-zip

  • J5-LH-top-11

  • J5-LH-top-11-zip

  • summaries

    id ft packets bytes time effic cv packets bytes time effic
    A1-LH-top-11 67.0 43346.0 12.21 0.942
    A1-LH-top-11-zip 21.0 12155.0 4.35 0.935
    J5-LH-top-11 67.0 43352.0 12.13 0.942
    J5-LH-top-11-zip 21.0 12189.0 4.43 0.936